DoorDash DashPass Deals Week is here and free food could be yours


DoorDash has revolutionized how people enjoy their favorite restaurant food. With DashPass Deals Week, free food is a great way to celebrate its first anniversary.

What’s a great way to start the week? DoorDash DashPass Deals Week of course! Forget the Monday moods because there could be free food on the horizon. Are you ready to celebrate?

Did you know it is DoorDash’s first anniversary? The company that has changed how people can enjoy their favorite restaurant food anywhere is ready to celebrate. More importantly, they want to celebrate with their loyal fans.

In the past year, the company has become “the fastest-growing subscription service in the industry with one million active subscribers.” Given the wide breadth of restaurants available and the large service area, it goes to show that people want the convenience that this company provides.

Many customers are part of the DashPass membership. This monthly service give customers access to unlimited $0 delivery fees. If you use this service often, the membership is definitely cost effective.

To give back to their loyal subscribers, the DashPass Deals Week is a huge. For five days, there are exclusive deals for both new and existing DashPass members. (It is definitely time to join).

The five deals include offers from The Cheesecake Factory, Chipotle, Wendy’s, Auntie Anne’s and Burger King. Looks like lunch or dinner is covered for a whole week.

Check out these deals:

  • Monday – Free slice of Very Cherry Ghirardelli Chocolate Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Also, this deal will be available all five days of the promotion. Use code DASHPASS 1
  • Tuesday – Chipotle free chips and salsa. Use code DASHPASS 2
  • Wednesday – Wendy’s free medium Frosty. Use code DASHPASS 3
  • Thursday – Auntie Anne’s free original pretzel. Use code DASHPASS 4
  • Friday – Burger King Impossible Whopper for free. Use code DASHPASS 5

Looking at these five offerings, the most interesting one is the Burger King Impossible Whopper. This deal is the perfect way for everyone to try the Impossible Burger. Truthfully, you might change your opinion of this plant based food once you try it.

This type of promotional deal is great for both DoorDash and the restaurants involved. It can bring in new customers and it gives fans what they want, free food. Why wouldn’t anyone join in the anniversary celebration?

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Do you use DoorDash? Which DashPass Deals Week offers are you most excited to try?