Stop searching, the Impossible Burger is coming to every Burger King


Have you been searching for the Impossible Whopper? Now everyone can find it because Impossible Burger will be at all Burger King locations.

Are you prepared for a Burger King taste test? The Impossible Burger is set to launch nationwide wide. While some people have enjoyed the Impossible Whopper, others have been searching for this plant-based alternative. Finally, the wait is over.

Starting August 8, the Impossible will be available at all Burger King locations. Since BK has always been about enjoying burgers your way, this menu addition comes off the hugely popular launch in St. Louis. Although some people thought the launch was an April Fools joke, the Impossible Whopper was definitely a big possibility.

Even as BK expanded the Impossible Whopper to a few more locations, many people still searched for this tasty burger. Check out this video where people lined up for opportunity to enjoy an Impossible Burger.

Now, this video is a little humorous. Still, it does give a better understanding why this nationwide launch is such a big deal. People are demanding plant-based alternatives on restaurant menus.

While the Impossible Burger has legions of converted fans, a few people might still be skeptical about this plant-based alternative. To celebrate the nationwide launch, there will be the Impossible Taste Test.

Exclusively available on DoorDash, guests place this order. It will have both the original WHOPPER and the Impossible WHOPPER. The special order is just $7 for both WHOPPERS. At that price, everyone should order it.

When placed side by side, it would be interesting to see not if people can tell a difference. Instead, the question should be which one do they prefer. Many people have found that they prefer the taste of the Impossible Burger over a traditional burger. Could this taste test make a believer out of you?

The Impossible Taste Test will be available from August 8 through September 1. Plus, with the code IMPOSSIBLE, there will be a $0 delivery fee.

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Are you ready to believe the impossible? The Impossible WHOPPER will be at every Burger King and now more people can have it their way.