Gordon Ramsay Uncharted: Majestic Morocco is steeped in tradition


In this Gordon Ramsay Uncharted episode, Morocco might be filled with exotic ingredients, but simplicity elevates these traditional recipes.

Another Gordon Ramsay Uncharted aired on Nat Geo. While this episode has several humorous scenes that are non-traditional for a food/travel show, the simple moments should inspire foodies.

First, let’s get a few shocking moments of this episode out of the way. Yes, Gordon kisses a camel head. He goes to a traditional bath house. And, he repels down a waterfall. Sure, these moments make for fun television, but there’s more to this episode that those moments.

In this episode, Gordon highlights another talented woman chef. While he might have never hired Najet Kaanache years ago, this talented chef can definitely teach Gordon a lesson on this episode. Although the banter between these two chefs might be a little curt, Kaanache is definitely a force in the culinary world.

A little background on Kaanache, she is a very, very accomplished chef. Sometimes referred to as the future of Moroccan cuisine, she has worked in some of the finest kitchens around the world. At her restaurant, Nur, the menu is inspired by the fresh, local ingredients and invites guests to explore Morocco’s cultural heritage.

In this Gordon Ramsay Uncharted episode, the two chefs help to create a celebratory meal for the Berber New Year. While it would have been nice to better understand the importance of this New Year celebration, a common theme seems to tie all these episodes together.

Morocco – On his journey to find the best local ingredients, Gordon Ramsay (R) learns how to operate a traditional grinder to make olive oil. (National Geographic/Mark Johnson)

Each episode shows how food brings families and traditions around the table. It is a time to celebrate, converse and reconnect. Even if no one is makes a recipe from any of these episodes or travels to these destinations, that one element can be accomplished. Take the opportunity to sit at the table with family and friends to talk to each other and celebrate the moment.

For the foodie, this week’s episode brings a lot of ideas to explore. First, the delicious mushrooms and the simple “pizza” made from them is a big lesson. While many people would jump at the chance of eating a morel, porcini and chanterelle mushroom pizza, it might not be in the price range.

Morel mushrooms are considered a delicacy by many people and the price tag associated with them can be quite high. In this area, it is a common food. It was a good reminder one person’s delicacy is another person’s normal.

The key takeaway from the mushrooms pizza is that amazing ingredients do not need extras. A simple dish highlighting the beauty of the ingredients can be superb. The morels didn’t need anything more than a simple sauté, a little cheese and a thin crust. It serves as a great reminder, just the ingredients shine.

Beyond the simplicity, this Gordon Ramsay Uncharted explores a different protein. While camel might not be found at a local U.S. grocery store, this ingredient can spark a conversation. Hopefully, people will not become offended by this ingredient. As seen throughout this show, locals use local ingredients.

Also, this ingredient can and should start a conversation about not being afraid of food. Even though Gordon might not have tasted or cooked with camel, he was willing and he was able to understand it. Instead of rebuffing it, he embraced it because he understood that it was similar to other proteins that he uses.

In a way, foodies can look at this idea when they see unusual menu items. Instead of passing over that non-traditional protein, ask questions about it. What is it similar to? Maybe next time you see venison on a menu you won’t quickly pass over it.

Also, a great cooking trick was shared in this episode. As Gordon cooks his dishes for the Berber New Year meal, he slipped in the idea of adding chick peas as a natural thickener. It is a simple idea but one that the home cook might not use.

Thinking about how this episode applies to the home cook, there are several ways to incorporate flavors from this episode into a recipe at home. One easy idea is to use za’tar. This spice can add robust flavor to many recipes. It has become very popular. From snacks to recipes, this spice has found its way to many kitchens.

Although the home cook might not be able to make the exact recipes seen in this episode, one recipe is definite must try, harissa spiced carrots. While Gordon made honey glazed carrots in the episode, the show shared a harissa carrots recipe on Twitter.

Harissa can be described as hot chili pepper paste. It is traditionally a North African ingredient. It has heat but it is not overbearing.

Adding harissa to carrots is a lovely combination. The sweetness from the carrots is balanced with the heat from the harissa. It will definitely add something new to the traditional carrot side dish.

After another Gordon Ramsay Uncharted episode has aired, hopefully people remember that these episodes can be a great start to a food conversation. Before rebuking choices or laughing at silly scenes, look beyond those moments and reach deeper.

Food can and should spark a conversation. Taking a culinary adventure means that people should be open to the experience. Keeping an open mind might ensure that you plate is never empty.

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What did you think of this Gordon Ramsay Uncharted episode? Are you ready to explore more flavors?