The best root beer float has this special ingredient


Do you know the secret to the best root beer float? Why not choose to make this sweet treat even better by taking a moment to discover this secret.

The best root beer float will make you smile. When was the last time that you had a root beer float? That simple, classic dessert is both fun to make and tasty to enjoy. On National Root Beer Float Day, why not add this special ingredient to make that sweet treat even sweeter.

This dessert has been around for a long time and was created in 1893. Originally called a “Black Cow,” Frank J. Wisner of Colorado’s Cripple Creek was inspired by the snow-capped mountains. The area’s children fell in love with the simple, yet refreshing dessert.

To make a root beer float, the concept is relatively simple. With root beer and ice cream, the basic dessert is complete. Of course, you can modify this recipe in many ways.

Still, one element can make this iconic dessert even better and A&W is encouraging everyone to make that choice. Are you ready to take the pledge?

In honor of the food holiday and to get families to unplug, A&W is asking families to take the Family Fun Pledge. The idea is to unplug on Friday nights and enjoy in some family fun.

On the A&W website, anyone can take the Make Time for Family, Family Fun Pledge. For committing to quality family time, you can receive a free 2-Liter bottle of A&W Root Beer. Also, if you want to make a huge event out of family fun night, you can purchase a special family fun night kit, which has items to help make root beer floats, games and more.

This idea is relatively simple but rather profound. Of course, people like free food, but the concept behind the offer it more important. It is more than enjoying a dessert with family, it is enjoying the moment together and creating a memory.

Certain family moments can last long after the mug is empty and the kitchen is cleaned. The stories shared around the table or the laughter that lingers in air is something that a smart device can never recreate. In today’s always busy world, just a few moments to reconnect around a table can make a big difference.

As silly as it may seem, the best root beer float does have a very important secret ingredient. That ingredient is the family and friends with whom you share that sweet treat.

Maybe you debate if a float is drunk with a straw or eaten with a spoon. Or, you have a conversation about colored sprinkles versus chocolate sprinkles. The idea is that moment spent together will make that root beer float taste even better than you remember.

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Are you ready to enjoy the best root beer float today? Do you have a great root beer float story to share?