Nola Creations is sharing their The Great Food Truck Race recipes with fans


Nola Creations won Season 10 of The Great Food Truck Race. Now fans can try to recreate some of these delicious dishes at home.

Fans of The Great Food Truck Race saw Nola Creations take the title in Season 10. Lead by Chef Darrel Johnson the delicious New Orleans style food made viewers wish for taste-o-vision. Now, fans can have the opportunity to make some of these delicious recipes at home.

Available later this month, the Nola Creations Cookbook will feature some of the amazing recipes that were featured in the Food Network show. If you ever wanted to have a taste of New Orleans in your kitchen, now is the opportunity.

According to the food truck team, the new cookbook will include the food truck’s world famous beignets. Each week, the chefs served both classic and flavor variations of these New Orleans treats. It will be interesting to learn the secret to these beignet balls. Their recipe could become your favorite dessert to make at home.

In addition to the cookbook, fans can purchase the food truck’s Trio of Seasonings. Throughout the Food Network competition, the chefs used this seasoning on everything. It was said to be a “taste of the Quarter in every order.”

This seasoning would be quite interesting to try. It seems that it works on all types of proteins. A tasty, all-purpose seasoning is something that any home cook should always have in the house.

While these offerings allow everyone across the nation to get a taste of the award winning food truck, there will be opportunities to try some delicious food in person. Starting in September, Chef Darrell and Aunna Johnson will host pop-up Sunday jazz brunches.

While all the details have yet to be revealed, these events will surely feature some of the chefs’ popular dishes. Bringing together a taste of the Quarter and some jazz sounds like a perfect combination. Be sure to check the Nola Creations Instagram account for updates.

The Great Food Truck Race gives talented chefs, like Chef Darrell, the opportunity to showcase their talents and their passion for a cuisine. While many people might know of New Orleans style food, watching gives foodies a little more insight behind the dishes that they love. And, it makes people want to seek out those delicious dishes that they saw on television.

The future looks bright for Nola Creations after winning The Great Food Truck Race and we look forward to seeing what’s next.

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Did you enjoy watching the food trucks in this season? What was your favorite dish from the winning team?