Tony Romo Corona Hotline is back, is your football season in need of a pep talk?


Tony Romo provides some expert football commentary on television, but the Corona Hotline offers the support, inspiration and pep talk that many football fans need.

The Corona Hotline is back on speed dial and Tony Romo is ready to answer your burning question. After last year’s successful kick-off, Corona is bringing back the hotline and football fans are preparing their burning questions. Are you ready to make a call?

Starting on Monday, August 19, the phone lines are open. While not every football fan has a “Gameday Beach” in their backyard, Romo can help to fans find that football oasis. Although no one wants to be crying in their beer at the kick-off game, Romo can help fans find some positivity for the whole season.

For those unfamiliar, the Corona Hotline is a combination of “gameday pep talks and fantasy football fire-ups and enter for a chance to win prizes.” Although this commentary might not make you king of your fantasy football league, it will offer a little levity during this football season.

According to Romo, “The Corona Hotline brings together such a unique array of gameday contest and showcases all the excitement and heartbreak that football brings.” That sentiment is part of the reason why football fans are so passionate about their team. Even after the worst lost and the frustration that it brings, everyone comes together, maybe with a beer, to console each other and to look forward to a more successful game next week.

For Corona to bring back this hotline, it is showing fans that it wants to be part of that football experience. Last year, the hotline received over 200,000 calls. Plus, New York placed the most calls. Are Giants and Jets fans in need of some gameday support?

Looking beyond the tailgating and the game itself, football fans are looking for the whole experience. Those gameday tips are just important as watching the game itself. Whether it is superstition or just some kind words, one call could make any desperate fan feel a little better.

While Corona often conjures ideas of beach, rest and relaxation, those adjectives can apply to watching your favorite football team on gameday. Who wouldn’t want to see their team score a huge victory from the comfort and relaxation of that beach cabana?

To contact Tony Romo and the Corona Hotline, simply call 1-844-9-Corona. It could be the best call placed all season.

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Will you be placing a hotline call this year? More importantly, will Corona be in your cooler on gameday?