Mr. Peanut says that Cheez Balls are here to stay & everything needs more cheez


Are you obsessed with Planters Cheez Balls? Mr. Peanut is asking snack fans what other foods would be tastier with a little more Cheez?

Some snacks deserve a comeback and Planters Cheez Balls are definitely one of those snacks. Last year, the puffy, round snacks covered in Cheez dust returned to the delight of many snack fans. Now, Mr. Peanut confirms that those tasty cheese flavored snacks are here to stay.

Certain snacks are just fun to eat. While maybe a little messy, each and every bite is worth that extra effort. These cheesy covered, puff balls are definitely a fun and tasty snack.

There are two reasons why people like eating them. First, the shape is fun. The round balls offer big crunchy yet are light and airy. One bite might make a big sound, but you will happily munch away.

For many people, this snack is all about the Cheez. Sure, that bright orange powder might cover your fingers, but many people happily lick it off. Just don’t wipe your hands on your shirt (moms don’t like the extra laundry mess).

Cheez Ball flavored dishes, photo provided by Planters

To celebrate the Cheez Balls being back permanently, Planters has decided to offer some lucky fans the opportunity to have their own container of fluorescent orange Cheez powder.

Yes, an entire shaker of just Cheez powder could be yours. But, this begs the question, what would you smother in Cheez powder? If you can impress @MRPEANUT with your #CheezBallContest response, you could wine your own Cheez Powder shaker.

Now, there are some easy and obvious choices. Sure, you can add some Cheez dust to mac n’ cheese. It could also make a tasty topping for some chicken nuggets. And, don’t forget about a grilled cheese, popcorn or even some French fries.

Still, why not think a little out of the box with the Cheez powder. Could you find a sweet twist to this ingredient? What about a Cheez powder cheesecake or maybe even a cheesy cookie, those ideas are a possibility.

For some lucky New Yorkers, Planters will be serving up a Cheez Powdered menu. With a little help from celebrity chef Richard Blais, there are many creative foods. The NUTmobile and Mr. Peanut will be serving up these tasty treats on August 21.

Even if you aren’t in New York City to taste these treats, Cheez Balls are permanently back on store shelves. Now, orange Cheez fingers are here to stay.

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