Is vegan bacon really the new bacon trend?


Are you part of the vegan bacon trend? While everything is better with bacon, are people really wanting this new food trend or is regular bacon still tops?

Have you tried vegan bacon? As the types of plant based foods continue to rise, this version of bacon is growing in popularity. Will it really overtake traditional bacon on restaurant menus and your dinner plate?

For many people, bacon is irresistible. According to GrubHub, “the top bacon dishes (were) rising in popularity throughout 2019 as compared to the same time frame in 2018.” Whether fried up on the griddle first thing in the morning or topped that juicy burger for dinner, bacon can be found on many people’s plates.

Bacon has even found its way to the candy aisle. Whether smothered in chocolate or candied, this tempting pork product offers that perfect savory bite.

As more people explore plant based food options, there is a call for vegan bacon. Again, GrubHub found that “vegan bacon options have seen a spike of 113% this year.” That number shows that even vegans want that salty, fatty, savory satisfaction.

In many ways, people are looking to find a way to satisfy their cravings while still following a particular food lifestyle. As long as a company can create a bacon version that satisfies, there will be people who will want to eat it. Sure, it might not convert the biggest carnivore, but it is an alternative for some.

Additionally, people are putting bacon and bacon flavors in more foods. Sure, when Voodoo Doughnut first introduced the Bacon Maple Glaze everyone swooned, but now that doughnut is everywhere. In a way, what can’t you put bacon on?

From cocktails to candy and burgers to baos, there is bacon almost everywhere. In some ways, bacon sums up everything that a person wants in a food. It is salty, sweet, nice, naughty, fun and serious. When one food is so many things, how can you not want to eat it every day?

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Have you tried vegan bacon? What’s the most outrageous dish that you’ve had bacon on?