The iconic Katz’s Deli pastrami sandwich goes on the road thanks to Uber Eats


Katz’s Deli is a New York City food legend. Thanks to Uber Eats, that iconic pastrami sandwich is hitting the road and you will want to eat one.

Have you been to Katz’s Deli in New York City? While there are many delicious sandwiches on the restaurant’s menu, the pastrami sandwich is the most iconic. Now, thanks to Uber Eats you don’t need to book a trip to NYC to enjoy it.

On August 22, Katz’s Deli and Uber Eats are bringing that delicious pastrami sandwich across the country. Four lucky cities, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Miami, will get the opportunity to taste this sandwich, plus another tasty restaurant dish.

There are many reasons why this pastrami sandwich is so tasty. One of the main reasons is the pastrami. Although no one really knows the secret, this particular pastrami just tastes amazing.

Then, that pastrami is paired with the restaurant’s signature rye bread and some Katz’s mustard. Although the sandwich is piled high, one perfect bite will make you a fan for life. Yes, it is that good.

As part of this food road trip, Uber Eats will be offering the Katz’s make-at-home pastrami sandwich kits in the select cities. Each kit comes with a special meal from another Uber Eats partner.

Photo: Katz’s Deli on the road.. Photo courtesy of Uber Eats

Here are the pairings and offerings:

"August 22-25 in Los Angeles: Katz’s Deli x Belcampo (DTLA, West Hollywood, Hollywood and Santa Monica) will feature the Belcampo Burger and make-at-home pastrami sandwich kit for $27August 28-31 in Chicago: Katz’s Deli x Publican Quality Meats will feature the “Chief Beef” Roast Beef Sandwich and make-at-home pastrami sandwich kit for $25September 6-8 in Boston: Katz’s Deli x Mike & Patty’s will feature “The Fancy” egg sandwich and make-at-home pastrami sandwich kit for $21September 9-12 in Miami: Katz’s Deli x La Carreta (8th Street, Bird Road, Kendall, Miramar, Pembroke Pines) will feature their Famous Cuban Sandwich and make-at-home pastrami sandwich kit for $18.95September 13-16 in NYC: Katz’s Deli x Fuku (Brookfield Place and FiDi) will feature the Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich and make-at-home pastrami sandwich kit for $20"

Looking at the different food pairings, they aren’t expected choices. But, the other menu items are definitely sandwiches that foodies will want to taste. These sandwiches aren’t necessarily similar but they showcase local choices that are definitely a foodie favorite.

Personally, Chicago’s Publican Quality Meats “Chief Beef” Roast Beef definitely gives the iconic pastrami sandwich a run for its money. Publican Quality Meats is a legend in Chicago. This sandwich is definitely a hearty choice for the city of big shoulders.

Truthfully, all of the local sandwich options highlight some of the best local flavors and bites. From Miami’s Cuban sandwich to the Belcampo burger, these dishes are some of the best in the area. These combinations are a great way to explore some exciting flavors from both at home and across the country.

Plus, at the cost of these sandwich kits, why wouldn’t you order one. For under $30, you get one of the best meals in the nation. It is definitely a foodie friendly deal.

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Have you eaten an iconic Katz’s Deli pastrami sandwich? Would you want to try this Uber Eats promotion?