BBQ Brawl Flay vs. Symon winner: Who was crowned Master of ‘Que?


Only one pitmaster would be the BBQ Brawl Flay vs. Symon winner. While the whole hog was the focus of the challenge, these pitmasters must always think on their feet.

The BBQ Brawl Flay vs. Symon winner was probably not the pitmaster that everyone expected to win at the beginning of this season. Still, these two pitmasters proved that they have the skills worthy of the title. So, who was crowned Master of ‘Cue?

Before tacking the episode review, this summer program was a good choice for the Food Network. Summer and barbecue go hand in hand. While the home cook might not have all the gadgets and tools like this competition, but she can learn a lot from this competition.

Each episode had tons of great information that could make home barbecue and grilling better. From seasoning choices to grilling techniques, there was a ton of information in this show.

Also, this Food Network show was entertaining. By making it both a competition for the pitmasters and a friendly competition between Bobby Flay and Michael Symon, it kept the vibe fun. From the witty banter to the occasional jab, watching the two celebrity chefs was a huge draw.

To be crowned the BBQ Brawl Flay vs. Symon winner, these two ladies showed that they are definitely worthy of the title. In a way, the finale said a huge statement about barbecue and grilling. Women are masters of the grill and more women should man the flame.

Judge Chris Lilly checks in on Chef Michael Symon and Contestant Susie Bulloch, as seen on BBQ BRAWL Flay V Symon, Season 1.

Since cooking a whole hog is a two person job, Bobby and Michael became Lee Ann and Susie’s sous chefs. Watching the two celebrity chefs take a helper role was often quite amusing. Bobby’s side eye every time Lee Ann gave him direction was hilarious.

The start of this challenge was interesting to watch. The hows and whys of preparing a whole hog are a great lesson for the home cook. Ever wonder why your smoked pork is dry? Maybe you needed to inject it or you cooked it fat side down. All these parts matter.

Additionally, watching the teams butcher the whole hog was interesting. Butchering is an art form and more people are learning about it. Understanding the parts of the pig can help anyone cook better. Truthfully, if you mess up the butchering process, the whole hog is ruined from the start.

Also, the seasoning needs to be on point at the beginning. The meat needs to be exposed to get all the flavor into it. From a dry rub to the injected liquid, if it isn’t right when the hog goes in the pit, it can’t be fixed.

Lee Ann and Susie took two different approaches to the whole hog challenge. There is a big different between cooking cavity side down and skin side down. By cooking cavity side up, the theory is that the fat from the hog will help during the cooking process.

From the beginning it was clear that there would be very different flavors. Lee Ann’s infamous pig powder has been a barbecue legend. Susie’s choice to go sweeter with her flavor profile. While both can be good, it will come down to the judges’ preference.

Since cooking a whole hog takes a very, very long time and Food Network wants good television, there were several twists thrown into the mix. The first challenge was the BBQ breakfast challenge.

While this challenge was relatively straight forward, it is always amusing that the little details can make or break a dish. From Bobby’s slightly over egg to Michael’s burnt burrito, those little things can throw off the flavors of the whole dish.

Looking at the two breakfast items, Lee Ann’s fried potato and onion pancake with roasted poblano peppers was a composed dish. It had layers of flavors and textures. Even with the slightly over egg, it was seasoned well.

Susie’s breakfast burrito with soft scrambled eggs and chorizo was good. Although the burrito might have been too toasted, the bigger issue was that the salsa was a little flat.

Although winning this challenge didn’t come with an advantage, the outcome would be considered in choosing the BBQ Brawl Flay vs. Symon winner. Lee Ann won the BBQ breakfast challenge.

Since it is the BBQ Brawl Flay vs. Symon finale, one twist wasn’t going to be enough. The second twist had the two teams tackle a lunch challenge. While the best barbecue sandwich was similar to a Bobby vs. Michael challenge, Lee Ann and Susie took a different approach.

Susie pushed the flavors with her pork belly banh mi. While the judges appreciated the bright, refreshing flavors, they thought that the pork belly might have been a little thick.

Lee Ann took a more traditional approach. Her burger was juicy and flavorful. While Lee Ann and Bobby might have differed on the chipotle sauce, the judges appreciated the various flavors. But, her bun was sturdy enough for the burger.

In the end, Lee Ann won the lunch challenge, too. Based on the two challenges, it seems like the judges prefer a more traditional approach and flavor style. This scenario could impact the final outcome.

Of course, there was another twist coming the pitmasters’ way. They needed to make a dessert to serve with their whole hog presentation. This twist was both good and bad.

Susie made a great dessert. Her apple bacon crumble in a cast iron pan was smart. It should nuance of flavor and creativity.

Lee Ann took a more basic approach. Yes, grilled pineapple is tasty, but she could have done more. Even with some toasted nuts, it was simple. It needed more, especially at this level of the competition.

Since the dessert was served with the whole hog, no one knows who “won” the dessert challenge. Personally, the answer is clear. Susie deserved to win the dessert challenge.

Looking at the whole hog and side, the approaches were very different. Susie’s Mexican street corn and her hog presentation pushed flavors. From the crispy skin to the sweet cherry, she tried to show that barbecue is more than traditional.

But, there was a little criticism of her pork. Apparently, there was a flavor pocket from the injection, which didn’t sit well with the judges.

Susie needs to be commended for her hog. Having only done this style of cooking once before, she handled herself very well. She definitely will be a force in the barbecue world.

Lee Ann took a more traditional approach, which she has done all episode long. The charred Brussel sprouts with bacon was like by the judges.

Even though she had major issues with her whole hog (fires, difficulty getting the pork to temperature), she was able to present a lovely plate. Being able to plate ribs in this challenge definitely gave Lee Ann an edge. The judges were quite impressed with her selections and showed that she is a true pitmaster.

The BBQ Brawl Flay vs. Symon winner was Lee Ann and Team Bobby. Some fans might have guess at this outcome. Lee Ann did have an advantage because of her experience. Still, Susie showed that she is a contender.

While there was a lot of banter in the first couple of episodes, there was less commentary between Bobby and Michael in the finale. While Team Bobby has a tally in the win column, it will be interesting to see if the Food Network brings this show back for another season. This type of celebrity chef battle seems to be liked by foodies. Fans will have to wait and see.

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What did you think of this Food Network show? Did you agree with the BBQ Brawl Flay vs. Symon winner?