Cruella’s Halloween Hideaway offers wickedly delicious treats


Magic Kingdom is even more frightfully delicious at Cruella’s Halloween Hideaway. Both sweet and savory options might this event quite tasty.

While Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party is filled with tempting bites, Cruella’s Halloween Hideaway is a special event not to be missed. New to the Halloween celebration this year, this specially ticketed event satisfies event the pickiest eaters. Are you ready to sink your teeth into something tasty?

Billed as a sinister soiree, this special event at this year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party is quite tempting. Although there are so many delicious bites scattered throughout the park, this special event could become the hottest ticket. From food to views, Cruella’s Halloween Hideaway is wickedly fun.

One reason to book this special event is that it offers a little respite from all the activities at the  Disney Halloween event. Between all the treat stops, rides and entertainment, there are so many things to do that sometimes it can be good to take a break.

Located Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, the event is both character meet and greet and dining. Since this Halloween event is the time when some of the best Disney villains come out to play, it is fun to grab a picture and interact with the devilish Cruella De Vil.

Additionally, a ticket to this event comes with special seating for the Mickey’s Boo to You Halloween Parade. The area offers a perfect view of the parade, plus you have lots of treats to enjoy while watching all the floats.

The Cruella’s Halloween Hideaway has both savory and sweet treats in bountiful amounts. Throughout the party, the buffet tables are constantly replenished. Definitely come to this event with a hearty appetite.

Since FoodSided is all about the food and drink, I happily accepted a glass of wine as I entered the party. At this Disney event, there is a bar with wine, beer and even an Angry Orchard Rose Cider. With all the sugary treats throughout the park, it was nice to sit back, relax and enjoy an adult beverage.

For savory choices, there is both a hot buffet and a cold buffet. The various dishes will appeal to a wide variety of guests. From some arancini to pizzas and even some made to order pasta dishes, both kids and parents will find a plenty to eat.

One of the cutest dishes from the evening is the Witch’s Cauldron. Plated to look like a witch’s cauldron, the creamy artichoke dip is quite tasty. Definitely take two of these plates from the buffet table.

Since Disney always has delightfully decadent desserts, the dessert table is overflowing with so many treats that you will have to eat. Of course, each treat is decorated to capture the evening’s host. While you might feel a little wicked eating a second plate full, you will happily devour everything.

A definite must try are the Kanine Krunchies. These little filled shortbread cookies might look like doggie treats, but they are not for fido. The sandy shortbread paired with a slightly sweet filing is totally addicting. I was definitely looking to put some in my doggie bag.

Other desserts include chocolate dipped strawberries, brownies and even some mini cannolis. There is definitely no shortage of tempting treats.

If you are looking to have a big Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party experience, consider booking this special ticketed event. The party costs $99 per person. An admission ticket to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is also required.

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Have you been to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or Cruella’s Halloween Hideaway? What is your favorite treat at the Halloween event?