DQ Fall Blizzard Treat Menu welcomes the change of seasons


Summer has faded and the DQ Fall Blizzard Treat Menu is ready to welcome cooler weather. Each of these sweet treats will have you feeling the chill.

Dairy Queen is embracing the change of seasons. The DQ Fall Blizzard Treat Menu has some fan favorites and some new flavor combinations that will have you craving another bite. Which one of these new flavors will you want to try first?

The Fall Blizzard menu includes five flavor options, two new flavors and three returning favorites. The Blizzard flavors are: “new Harvest Berry Pie, new Heath Caramel Brownie, Pumpkin Pie, Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough and SNICKERS.”

According to Maria Hokanson, Executive Vice President of Marketing at American Dairy Queen, “the second annual Fall Blizzard Treat Menu reflects the flavors and joy of the season.” Overall the flavors appeal to different palates. From the bright fruit forward Harvest Berry Pie to the classic candy SNICKERS, everyone should have at least one Blizzard that calls to them.

Looking at the two new flavors, the Heath Caramel Brownie looks to be the decadent bite that is totally over the top. The HEATH pieces, brownie bites and caramel make for an over the top flavor combination. While it is a little sweet, when the final spoonful comes, it will leave you wanting more.

As for the returning favorites, the Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough is like a warm hug. The cinnamon and sugar play off the classic vanilla soft serve. It might make you think of warm cookies from the oven on a chilly winter day.

Of course, Dairy Queen has to offer its pumpkin spice dessert. With this version, the pieces of real pumpkin pie add a nice texture to the frozen treat. Also, the flavor is a little more richer than other pumpkin spice desserts.

To kick off the DQ Fall Blizzard Menu, Dairy Queen gave away a candle collection featuring the five fall flavors. Fans were so excited about the offering that the candles were gone almost as soon as they were released.

Dairy Queen has been expanding its special offerings beyond the restaurant space. For example, the summer activity kits were popular with families.

These offerings show that the DQ experience extends beyond just enjoying that frozen treat. It is about creating that moment where food and memories connect.

The DQ Fall Blizzard Treat Menu will be available for just the season. Check with your local DQ location for participation.

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