Buffalo Wild Wings launches new beer inspired chicken sandwiches


Fall, football and Buffalo Wild Wings are a winning combination. The new chicken sandwiches on the menu might be the new best chicken sandwich contender.

Buffalo Wild Wings continues to be America’s favorite sports bar and the new chicken sandwiches will have everyone watching each play, down and score at their local BBW. Which new menu items will you order first?

Did you know that that BWW “sells more draft beer than anyone in the world?” That statement drives the new chicken sandwich menu items for this upcoming season. Since beer and chicken wings are a tasty pairing, the chefs at the popular restaurant brand decided to make that pairing even stronger.

By bringing beer to the batter, the new Lagunitas IPA beer batter offers both the flavor and texture that chicken and beer fans will crave. While beer batter isn’t necessarily a new concept, the Lagunitas IPA offers a balanced flavor that comes through in the breading.

Thinking about this flavor combination, an Indian Pale Ale can have some hoppy flavors. When adding those notes to a breading on a chicken, the flavor is a little more rounded. After all, a seasoned breading not only tastes good, it also keeps that chicken moist.

Right now Southern Style Chicken Sandwiches are hotly debated topic. While everyone has their favorite, BWW is throwing its sandwich into consideration.

Their “Southern Chicken Sandwich features a beer-battered chicken breast with Swiss cheese, bacon aioli, Napa slaw and pickles, topped with a challah bun.” This chicken sandwich should stand out because of the bacon aioli and Napa slaw.

The texture and the brightness from the slaw should cut through the richness of the bacon aioli. More importantly, this chicken sandwich should taste amazing with a Lagunitas IPA or another beer of your choosing.

If you prefer something spicier, BWW is offering a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. Between the Nashville Hot Sauce and the Fresno chilis, this bite might leave a fiery mark on your tongue. Sure, the ranch dressing will calm the flames, but the sandwich will pack some serious heat.

Since football season is almost here, BWW is getting everyone ready for the season. The new Football Game Day Menu kicks off on August 29 and runs Thursday through Monday when football games are played. In addition to the chicken sandwich options, there will be specials like, $5 Bar Food and Beer pitcher specials.

Lastly, football season can take a toll on relationships. If one person would rather watch HGTV versus another lengthy analysis why Andrew Luck messed up everyone’s Fantasy Football league this year, Buffalo Wild Wings has a solution. Enter the Football Prenup.

Simply got to www.FootballPrenup.com and follow the terms. No lawyers required or mediators necessarily. Just like in a game of football or a good marriage, set up the terms before the season begins. Let’s leave fighting to the hockey players.

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Are you excited for this football season? More importantly, which Buffalo Wild Wings chicken sandwich are you excited to try?