Fan and food rivalries: Buffalo Wild Wings new menu items


Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t need to choose side. Fan and food rivalries are both winners on the new B-Dubs limited time menu items.

What’s your ultimate food rivalries? Buffalo Wild Wings wants to welcome everyone to the table, no matter what your tastes prefer, sport is your favorite, or team is the ultimate champion. Are you ready to pull up a chair?

Just in time for NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoff and World Cup, several new menu items celebrate the differences that make rivalries great. From salty and sweet to east coast versus west coast, embrace the differences because everyone is a food winner with these choices.

These new limited time menu offerings are available through August 19. With these menu items, B-Dubs covers everything from their fans’ favorite wings to shareable plates. Even some friendly rivalry banter can’t keep people away from the yummy new menu items.

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One interesting addition to the wings menu is the Salted Caramel BBQ sauce. B-Dubs describes this sauce as Honey BBQ with a taste of caramel salt. While salty and sweet is a classic rivalry, this sauce will need to have the right balance. Actually, a dash of heat could make this sauce even bolder. Maybe washing those wings down with a big, hoppy IPA, like a Lagunitas IPA (part of the limited time menu) could offer that hoppy bite of balance, too.

Another new sauce is the Korean BBQ. This sauce has a punch of umami. With soy, red chili pepper and garlic, the sauce excels with its layers of flavor. For the summer, this bold flavor is prefect with a cool, refreshing beverage. While a margarita may not seems like a likely pairing, the Platinum Margarita, with its sweet and sour, can play off the intense Korean BBQ flavors.

Buffalo Wild Wings new menu items, Korean BBQ Wings, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings

Even when people can’t agree on which team is the best, a plate of food can bring everyone together. The new Signature Sampler lets everyone at the table have a say. The shareable plate can have wings (traditional or boneless) with three dips/sauces and three sides/shareable like “fried pickles, cheddar cheese curds, roasted garlic mushrooms, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, ultimate nachos, French fries, potato wedges and buffalo chips.”

Now, a Brewers fan might not agree with a Yankees fan about which fried cheese should be on the plate. In this case, both fans are winner because the shareable can have both fried cheeses. The same can be said for which fried potato food is supreme. Maybe guests can order two Signature Samplers and get everything on the list.

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The new Buffalo Wild Wings menu items are a fun way to celebrate summer and food rivalries at the fast casual restaurant. Just like any rivalry, the enjoyment comes from the experience. Go and try these new menu items for yourself and see which food reigns supreme?