Colton Underwood lost his veginity with MorningStar Farms and you should too


Have you lost your veginity? Colton Underwood is embracing the plant based food trend with MorningStar Farms and maybe you should too.

MorningStar Farms has been a leader in plant-based foods for over 40 years, but not everyone has relinquished their v-card, veggie protein card that is. Colton Underwood decided to lose this veginity to MorningStar Farms. After that first time, he wanted to go back for another taste of these plant based foods.

In recent years, the plant-based food movement has grown tremendously. From vegetarians to flexitarians, more people are looking for tasty and creative ways to add more vegetables to their healthy eating lifestyles.

While eating more vegetables is the goal, people want options and variety. That plain, boring salad will not keep people excited about healthier choices. The dishes need to satisfy or consumers will go back to old habits.

Recently, Colton Underwood lost his vegenity to MorningStar Farms. The Bachelor alum look at this opportunity to make some changes to his diet and have a little fun with a play on words.

Underwood said, “I wanted to start reducing the amount of meat in my diet, but like many people, I was a little bit wary of veggie protein,” said Underwood. “Luckily, my first time was with MorningStar Farms and it was so delicious I couldn’t wait to do it again. Now I want to encourage everyone to lose their veginity with MorningStar Farms.”

Looking beyond the play on words, there is a bigger concept to discuss. People are re-thinking their idea of plant-based foods. Today’s options are more satisfying, offer more variety and have a great taste. If you haven’t tried some of these foods, or haven’t tried them in a while, it is time to take a bite.

Personally, I have tried many, many types of foods, including plant-based foods. The key to any of these foods is to create flavor combinations that appeal to your palate.

For example, if you wouldn’t put blue cheese on your beef burger, don’t put it on your black bean burger. In many cases, these foods offer ways to substitute a plant based option for something that you already enjoy. It is about bringing new options to the table.

Also, these foods might open new possibilities for dishes. For example, the MorningStar Farms Black Bean burger doesn’t have to be served on a bun. You can cut it up and serve it on a salad, like in Underwood’s recipe. Combined with mixed greens and a little salsa, the dish is satisfying and flavorful.

Lastly, no one is saying that you have to completely alter your diet. Adding a few vegetable focused meals a week can make a difference. Just like no one wants to eat the same dish over and over, these vegetable focused options can offer the variety that you crave, even in your favorite recipe.

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If you ready to lose your veginity, consider trying one of the many MorningStar Farms plant-based foods. One bite might have you coming back for more.