Mountain Dew VooDew: Is the Halloween beverage frightful or delightful?


Forget pumpkin spice, Mountain Dew VooDew is going to be the Halloween beverage that you need to sip. Will it cast a spell over you?

The spooky season is almost here and Mountain Dew VooDew is casting its spell on Mountain Dew fans. This limited edition, special beverage holds a mystery in each bottle. Are you ready to solve this taste mystery?

Available now, the newest, limited edition Mountain Dew flavor is a little different from other beverage launches. While MTN DEW has launched seasonal offerings before (remember the Liberty Brew this summer), this new beverage requires a leap of faith.

According to MTN Dew, the beverage is colorless and the flavor is a mystery. Since the color holds no clue, fans will have to guess at the flavor. While there are too many options to name, the flavor will hopefully be something tasty, not scary (not like those Zombie Skittles).

Looking at the bottle, the label doesn’t necessarily hold a clue about the potential flavor. While the beverage is Halloween themed, that clue doesn’t mean that the drink will be candy corn or pumpkin flavored. Maybe it could be cola flavored, that idea would be big twist.

Halloween inspired Mountain Dew VooDew. photo provided by MTN DEW

Given that MTN DEW flavors tend to be more citrus forward, it seems likely that this new flavor will probably go in that direction. Sure, the MTN DEW Lightning at KFC has peach and honey notes, but that beverage is meant to pair with fried chicken.

Now, MTN DEW could go extreme and make this drink a little scary. The shadowy Grim specter could have cast a spicy spell on this beverage. Maybe there’s some spice or some sour hiding in that bottle.

Fans will have to make their best guest about the new Mountain Dew VooDew beverage. The company says that the flavor will be revealed after Halloween.

If you are brave enough to try a sip, this special beverage will be available at retailers and at haunted houses. But, just like the witching hour, it will only be available for a limited time.

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What do you think of this Halloween themed MTN DEW flavor? Are you willing to try a sip of Mountain Dew VooDew?