Panera offers more delivery options, which Pick Two are you ordering?


Do you have a Panera craving? Now the restaurant has expanded the delivery game and your breakfast, lunch and dinner plans just got tastier.

Now you have more options to satisfy your Panera craving. Starting today, the popular restaurant chain is expanding the delivery game. Whether you use DoorDash, GrubHub or Uber Eats, your favorite bread bowl, You Pick Two and bagels can be delivered where and when you want it.

Restaurant delivery is changing the restaurant world. The convenience of pushing a button on an app and having food arrive at your doorstep has become the norm. Now any craving can be satisfied within a matter of minutes.

With this industry change, restaurants need to be part of the delivery chain. If the restaurant doesn’t offer this option, the brand loses customers. Even if someone has a particular craving, the delivery convenience is too compelling.

The Panera delivery addition is somewhat different from other restaurants. Customers can order via the MyPanera app or through one of the delivery services. If customers use the MyPanera app, they will earn their rewards, too.

Earning rewards can be a big incentive to make an additional order. Whether it is a discount on your favorite breakfast or an enticement to order something new, these reward programs have customers coming back time and again.

New Panera menu items, breakfast wraps and cold brew, photo provided by Panera

Also, this restaurant will offer delivery through the own delivery drivers. Although not specifically stated, this choice could ensure that the food arrives in the best possible way. The restaurant could pack the food in a certain way so that it arrives just the way that it does in the restaurant.

This delivery expansion makes a lot of sense for the restaurant chain. The catering branch of this brand has been a favorite with many offices. Now, the delivery service can bring the same favorite dishes in smaller quantities.

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What do you think of the new Panera delivery option? Will be ordering a You Pick Two for lunch?