7-Eleven listens to fans, Nerds Slurpee has arrived


Oh thank heaven! 7-Eleven just launched a Nerds Slurpee and fans are running to local stores to enjoy this flavor mash-up and NERD out.

Looking for a perfect pick me up? 7-Eleven just launched a Nerds Slurpee and fans are extremely excited. This new product launch comes after fans recommended this flavor mash-up to the brand. Are you ready to get slurping?

According to 7-Eleven, the new Nerds Slurpee flavor is a combination of two popular Nerds flavors. It combines Seriously Strawberry and Gotta-Have Grape. These two flavors are considered two of the candy brand’s most iconic flavors.

Looking at the Slurpee, the color is more grape-centric than strawberry. It is described as combining a “tangy grape and strawberry.”

Given this description, the flavor should have a little punch to it. While NERDS are sweet, there is always a little tangy that keeps the flavor from being overly sweet.

For the most part, this flavor combination should have wide appeal. Strawberry and grape are very approachable and popular flavors.

Plus, the color looks quite pretty. Maybe some people will purchase the Slurpee for the photo op.

This launch came in response to how some Slurpee fans like to enjoy their frozen treat. Apparently, some younger fans enjoy adding some candy to their Slurpee. After fans asked about a NERDS flavor, 7-Eleven looked to bring the idea to life.

NERDS Candy, by Ferrara Candy Company, is one of the best-selling non-chocolate candies on the market. The strawberry and grape box combination is the original dual flavor combination and is still widely popular today.

7-Eleven has partnered with other brands on previous Slurpee flavors. Remember the Capt N’ Crunch Slurpee from awhile back? Or, what about the Pikachu mystery flavor promotion?

While classic flavors will always have a loyal fan base, occasionally these special flavors add a new level of enjoyment. Sometimes you just want to try something new and different.

The Nerds Slurpee, in the medium size, is just $1 for a limited time. Also, there will be some disguised Slurpee trucks heading out on a college tour. It could be your chance to sample this new beverage flavor and get a great photo op.

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Are you going to go in search of the Nerds Slurpee from 7-Eleven? What new Slurpee flavor would you like to see?