Sorry Star Wars fans, don’t bring this souvenir home from Galaxy’s Edge


As Star Wars fans rejoice over the opening of Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World, this Galaxy’s Edge souvenir cannot come home in your carryon bag.

Looking for the perfect Galaxy’s Edge souvenir? Star Wars fans are ready to buy a bounty of Star Wars goodies. While travelers might understand that the lightsabers might not be a good choice in their carryon luggage, this item one has received a hard pass from TSA.

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola revealed its specially designed bottles for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. The spherical bottles were well received. From the unique shape to the special writing, the design offered innovation and entertainment.

Although these drinks are meant to be enjoyed at the theme park, some people wanted to bring the bottles home as souvenirs. Unfortunately, TSA has sad banned the special Coca-Cola bottles both in checked and carryon luggage.

According to several reports, the special bottles look too much like “thermal detonators” and can be confused with real explosives. So, sorry Star Wars fans, drink your sodas at the Galaxy’s Edge and then recycle the bottles.

New Coca-Cola and Star Wars Galactic Bottles coming to Star Wars Galaxy Edge, photo provided by Coca-Cola

If you just really, really have to have these special bottles in your home, the other option would be to ship them to yourself. Sending liquids can be difficult, too. Not to mention, the cost of shipping can be expensive.

Again, these special drinks might be best enjoyed at the theme park. Just like the Blue Milk and other Star Wars treats, it might be best to take that Instagram shot so you capture the moment, enjoy the experience and move on.

In a way, it is a little disappointing that people can’t bring these bottles home. Theme park souvenirs can be expensive. This option could have been a cute, inexpensive idea to bring home for friends.

On the other side, these Coca-Cola bottles now become a theme park exclusive. If you want to enjoy one, you will only be able to sip on one at Galaxy’s Edge. The TSA ban could have made these drinks the “it” drink.

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Are you going to Galaxy’s Edge? What are you most excited to see, do and taste?