Check your SPAM folder, it’s time for MUSUBI MADNESS


Double check your SPAM folder: the first-ever MUSUBI MADNESS pop-up is going down at LONO Tiki Bar in Hollywood, California.

For the uninitiated, Musubi is an extraordinarily popular Hawaiian budget friendly light meal which consists of Spam resting on a bed of rice nestled up in a nori (seaweed) blanket. Boring? Think again. Hawaiians are on the cutting edge and have pushed every conceivable boundary of SPAM.

Foodbeast brings Musubi Madness from Hawaii to Hollywood in a mainland showcase that fully encapsulates the adventurous Hawaiian SPAM spirit.

The event will feature a build-your-own SPAM musubi bar with exciting flavors: “an American Burger Musubi, SPAM Classic, with  classic ‘secret’ sauce, grilled onions and American cheese; a Mexican inspired Chile Verde Musubi: SPAM Classic fried in salsa verde, with queso fresco atop Spanish Rice; a Filipino Lumpia Musubi crispy, savory Lumpia egg rolls and accompanied by garlic rice, SPAM Tocino and sweet chili sauce; an ambitious Bokkeumbap Musubi features Korean fried rice, gochujang, kimchi and green onion; and finally the Vietnamese inspired Spring Roll Musubi puts cucumber, pickled carrots, egg roll crisps and nuoc cham, with a sweet vinegary dipping sauce.”

Adventurous to say this least. But….this is madness. Madness? This is SPAM.

Taking things completely over the top, the event will also feature a SPAM Corn Dog with a tasty blend of shrimp and SPAM Classic encased in a togarashi-infused corn dog batter, topped with banana ketchup. Bananas, right?

But save room for dessert! There’s a SPAM-infused ice cream that can be topped with furikake, teriyaki caramel, and rum.

Thirsty? LONO’s tiki SPAM-themed Cocktail will be sure to delight. Rum, pineapple, Cara Cara Orange, coconut creme served over crushed ice will surely pair well with the saltier fare. Drinking this tasty tiki concoction straight out of a SPAM can most definitely will up your Instagram cred.

The best part? Completely free, but space is limited. RSVP for TICKETS here.

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Are you getting your tickets now? We are ready to embrace the SPAM-demonium!