Hidden Valley Ranch launches exclusive ranch menu at select restaurants


Hidden Valley Ranch is one of the most versatile ingredients in a chef’s pantry. Are you ready to taste test these delicious ranch menu dishes?

How many recipes can be made with Hidden Valley Ranch? Chefs across the nation were challenged to come up with their most creative, tasty and versatile dishes that feature this iconic ingredient. Now, select restaurants across the U.S. will be featuring this exclusive ranch menu. Are you hungry yet?

Hidden Valley Ranch has become more than just a salad dressing or a dip for your favorite chicken wing. That tangy seasoning flavor adds that punch of flavor in many dishes. Whether used on a grilled cheese or even a taco, the possibilities are many.

Plus, with the Salad Dressing Mix Shaker even more recipes can get a boost of that ranch flavor. From a sprinkle on top of veggies to boost flavor to even a tangy topping for popcorn, there are even more possibilities.

Since chefs are always looking for new ways to add a punch of flavor to their recipes, Hidden Valley Ranch, in partnership with FOODBEAST, is hosting the Coast 2 Coast Ranch Tour. For the entire month of September, select restaurants across the U.S. will feature a special ranch focused menu item.

From New York City to Los Angeles, over 20 restaurants are participating in the first ever Coast 2 Coast Ranch Tour. Each menu item shows how this seasoning can take a dish to a whole new flavor level. Are you ready to take a bite?

Hidden Valley Ranch Coast 2 Coast Tour, Doggone’s Cool Bayou Crawfish Dog, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch

For those foodies who want to sample these delicious dishes, the complete list of participating restaurants can be found on the Hidden Valley Ranch website as well as FOODBEAST website.

While many people will seek out these various restaurants and their dishes, not everyone will be able to visit a location. Still, this food tour can inspire everyone to be a little more creative with Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning.

Looking at the various dishes featured on the Coast 2 Coast Tour, a few dishes stand out. If you are looking to up your ranch game, consider one of these dishes.

Hidden Valley Ranch Coast 2 Coast Tour, Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese from Boris and Horton, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch

One recipe that you can definitely adapt at home is Boris and Horton’s Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese. This grilled cheese gets a punch of flavor from the pickled jalapenos and the ranch seasoning. It will definitely change how you think about a classic grilled cheese.

Another tasty dish is the Gochujang Hot Ranch Chicken Sandwich from Kimski. While the chicken sandwich wars rage on, this version balances the heat from the Gochujang with the HVR Buttermilk packet. Plus, it uses a chicken thigh which boost the richness of the dish.

Also, Kimski is offering some HVR zucchini fritters. The spicy HVR sauce will definitely entice you to eat your vegetables.

Lastly, the Cool Bayou Crawfish Dog from Doggone is a game changer. While HVR and fish might not be a common flavor combination, this flavor combination is a game changer. The HVR, creole mustard and Etoufee make it a standout.

These dishes are just a sample of the many offerings on the Coast 2 Coast Tour. Remember you can check the Hidden Valley Ranch website for all the details.

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Will these Hidden Valley Ranch special menu items encourage you to shake up some tasty ranch-influenced dishes? What is your favorite way to shake up your ranch obsession?