Pepsi will Always Be Celebrating during the 100th NFL Season


Pepsi announced that it will Always Be Celebrating during the 100th NFL Season and fans will want to join in the epic celebrations all season long.

Are you ready for some football? Pepsi will Always Be Celebrating this season. As football fans prepare to celebrate 100 years of the NFL, this year’s activations are bigger than ever. The official soft drink of the NFL wants everyone to celebrate the unforgettable moments that make football such a great sport.

The NFL and its fans love to celebrate. Whether it is the most epic touchdown dance or the superstitious, favorite food that drives your team to victory, there are many ways to show a fan’s love of the game. From the pre-game tailgate to the victory party, every part is part of the football fandom experience.

This year marks the 100th NFL Season. Throughout the year, teams and brands are looking to make this season the greatest ever. While fans can’t control the play on the field, they can voice their support of their team and celebrate their football passions.

This year Pepsi has launched its Always Be Celebrating campaign. While many people associate the soft drink brand’s football connection with Super Bowl commercials and the Super Bowl halftime show, the soft drink brand is looking to leverage its official soft drink status in a larger way this year.

“The NFL has generated some incredible moments over the years, creating a celebratory spirit among its fans and players that is unrivaled. Whether it’s an energetic spike, a choreographed end zone dance, or a ‘shout out loud’ moment in your living room, football consistently brings out some of the most unapologetic celebrations – both on and off the field. The passion of its fans and players alike is what fuels the season and inspired our latest campaign,” said Todd Kaplan, Vice President, Marketing – Pepsi.

Pepsi “Cause For Celebration“ Logo for the NFL 100th Season campaign, photo provided by Pepsi

To kick off the season, the Bears vs. Packers NFL Season kick off game will feature a new Pepsi ad. While everyone will know that “Cha Cha Slide,” these epic football celebrations will show that football passions run deep. Those moments of pure joy can last long beyond that winning play.

In a way, this commercial brings shows how strong fandoms have become. But, this connection can spur people to do more beyond the game. The second part of the activation highlights the positivity that can come from football.

The Pepsi Cause for Celebration Program with United Way Worldwide looks to provide meals for those in need. “For every touchdown celebration from Kickoff to Thanksgiving, Pepsi will donate funds, equivalent to 100 meals, to the team’s local United Way.” Hopefully teams and fans will be celebrating a lot during the first half of the season.

Plus, fans can get involved beyond the gridiron. Pepsi encourages fans to give 100 minutes back to their local communities. If everyone gave a little bit of time to make a difference, just think of the goodness that can come from those actions.

Of course, being a champion comes with its perks. The Super Bowl LIII Champion New England Patriots will have their own collectible can to start the season. These small batch cans will surely get snapped up by fans quickly.

Each can is shaped and textured like a football. This can is probably meant for a shelf collectible. If you want one, you better act quickly.

Additionally, Pepsi partners with 15 teams around the league. Throughout the season, there will be team specific celebrations and events. Make sure to check with your team to find these special events.

Lastly, this year’s Super Bowl Celebration will definitely be a must watch. In partnership with Roc Nation, JAY-Z and the NFL, the Halftime Show will be one for the ages.

These items are just a few of the many promotions that Pepsi will lead during the 100th NFL Season. From celebrating the Rookie of the Year to the ultimate football fans, it is going to be a momentous time to be a NFL fan.

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How will you Always Be Celebrating this football season? Will there be a can of Pepsi in your cooler or fridge for the big game?