Are you serving the most popular football game day foods at your tailgate?


The most popular football game day foods might seem relatively straight forward, but a new study seems to show that fans’ favorites are changing.

Have a guess which food tops the most popular football game day foods list? While many football fans happily order dozens of chicken wings and slices of their favorite pizza, those iconic football foods are starting to fall down the popularity list. So, what foods are football fans ordering?

With football season here, Grubhub looked back on food orders during last year’s football season. This data concluded that the most popular football game day foods are not what people assume. Have you guessed the most popular food yet?

According to Grubhub, the top five most ordered foods on game day are:

"• Smoked brisket sandwich: 241% more popular• Cheeseburger empanada: 202% more popular• Pepper burger: 191% more popular• Roasted chicken: 149% more popular• Buffalo mac and cheese: 96% more popular"

Looking at these findings, the results are quite surprising. Sure, a smoked brisket sandwich is quite tasty (just ask Subway, they launched a new one), but it doesn’t necessarily sound like a tailgating or football food.

Then again, maybe football fans are looking to branch out beyond that traditional football fare. Sure, pizza and wings are tasty, but foodies are looking for more and something different. A really good smoked brisket sandwich is definitely enjoyable.

As for the other foods on this list, the cheeseburger empanada is probably the most unusual. There is a thought that this version of a cheeseburger is less messy. No one wants to have a spillage party foul during the big game.

Also, the roasted chicken order has the most versatility. While the chicken sandwich wars rage on, a roasted chicken offers many possibilities for the football party host. From a chicken quesadilla to a sandwich, it brings the most variety.

Plus, if you have roasted chicken left over, the host can make a bunch of different recipes the next day. Who hasn’t bought an extra Costco roasted chicken? It is one of the most cost effective and useful dishes in the whole warehouse.

As everyone gets excited about the start of the football season, think about the foods for your tailgate or football watching party. Will you break out of the pizza and wings rut? Is something more adventurous on your next menu?

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What do you think of Grubhub’s findings? Do you think that the most popular football game day foods are changing?