Buffalo Wild Wings and MGM Resorts International bet on a winning partnership


Buffalo Wild Wings is looking to expand its role as America’s favorite sports bar and its partnership with MGM Resorts International could be a huge win.

Buffalo Wild Wings and MGM Resorts International are betting on the future of sports and sports bars. While BWW has found its niche in the sports bar market, in addition to its role as a favorite chicken wing restaurant, the role of the sports bar is evolving. This new partnership looks to capitalize on what a sports bar can become.

While many people are drawn to their fantasy football leagues, the role of sports betting is constantly evolving. Although mobile betting is only legal in New Jersey, the prospect of this gaming being available more broadly is becoming more likely. For the companies who can stake their claim early in the process, they will have a huge advantage.

The BWW and MGM Resorts partnership looks to put the two brands in the driver seat in both the mobile betting industry as well as position them well in the Las Vegas sports bar market. As this partnership grows, sports fans might be drawn to the prospect.

Since FoodSided covers food, not betting, we want to examine the restaurant expansion to this partnership. There are two aspects, the Las Vegas presence and the changes coming to restaurants nationwide.

Looking at the Las Vegas presence, MGM is giving BWW a huge platform ahead of the Raiders Las Vegas stadium launch. With a new location coming to the Mandalay Bay, a site adjacent to the new Las Vegas football stadium, this location offers huge exposure.

From pre-game drinks to post game meals, this location potentially gives BWW a captive audience. With so many people poised to go to Vegas for football, this location could be huge for BWW.

Looking at the potential renovations to existing BWW restaurants, there could be a new vibe coming to America’s favorite sports bar. While there is a slight separation between the bar area and the restaurant in most locations, this redesign could change the feel to the locations.

Although it appears that custom sports book content will added, the sports bar might have a slightly different feel. As long as the betting aspect doesn’t overtake the idea of friends gathering to watch a game and enjoy a meal, BWW should still come out ahead.

More details on this partnership will continue to emerge and fans will have to draw their own conclusions.

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