Chipotle knows the “Things You Borrow” and wants to give them to you


Chipotle has found that certain things get “borrowed” from their stores. Now, the company wants to give you those borrowed items no strings attached.

Have you ever “borrowed” something from a restaurant? Chipotle has noticed that certain items tend to be frequently borrowed from some of its restaurants. Have you been one of those sticky fingered guests?

Sometimes certain items go missing from restaurants. Truthfully, no one should be taking anything from restaurants (or theme parks, yes the people who took the sporks from Galaxy’s Edge). Still, there are times when certain items are replenished more commonly than others.

For example, near college campuses, Chipotle’s restaurants tend to lose more Tabasco sauce bottles and utensils. Although nothing has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt, there seems to be a pattern.

Over the course of a year, the company has found that it goes through “over 5.5 million bottles of Tabasco sauce annually” at locations close to college campuses. While Tabasco on a burrito is tasty, that number is high. Even the biggest spice fan can’t use that much Tabasco in a restaurant. Some of those bottles must be walking out the door.

To make the transition back to college life a little easier for some people, Chipotle is giving away some “Things You Borrow” kits. For the first 50 digital orders on September 8, these kits will be included for free.

Each kit contains “one Tabasco Chipotle sauce, one Tabasco green pepper sauce and an abundance of napkins and utensils.” Basically this kit is a dorm room essential.

This promotion is smart for Chipotle. While it is one time promotion, the brand should do something similar during finals week or some other big college event. It would be curious to see if there was a spike with “borrowing” and certain events.

If you want to get one of these “Things You Borrow” kids, make sure to place an online order on September 8. You could be lucky. But, if you don’t get one, please don’t borrow the Tabasco bottles from a restaurant.

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What is the strangest thing that you “borrowed” from a restaurant?