Craving a Popeyes chicken sandwich? Just bring your own bun


The Popeyes chicken sandwich has become legendary, but the high demand has caused shortages. Still, you can enjoy this chicken deliciousness, just bring a bun.

Craving that delicious Popeyes chicken sandwich? Even though the uber popular chicken sandwich might be sold out for a bit, you can still enjoy the best fried chicken in the game. All you have to do is just bring a bun.

The chicken sandwich wars have become the biggest food news in a long time. Popeyes sandwich’s popularity had people lining up for hours to get a bite of the phenomena. While there is all this talk about this sandwich, people are forgetting one important aspect.

Popeyes still has fried chicken. They never ran out of the best fried chicken in the game. If you are craving one of these sandwiches, all you have to do is bring a bun. Yes, really.

While the restaurants are working to get the chicken sandwich re-stocked, the simple solution is to buy a three-piece tenders. See, other people are doing it. Check out this video.

Yes, the video is humorous, but the point is valid. Popeyes never ran out of chicken. Just because you might have to assemble the sandwich yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t have this particular sandwich.

Actually, this idea could be a huge opportunity for Popeyes. Since customers are making their own chicken sandwiches, there could be some new flavor combinations on the horizon. For example, what if you added some honey heat drizzle on top of the chicken? What if you added a little aioli instead of a pickle?

Truthfully, the who bring your own bun idea can totally change the flavor experience. Sure, those plain white bun allows the chicken to shine, but a different bun could be a game changer. What if you used a challah bread or a everything seasoned bun?

In a way, many people have been making Popeyes chicken sandwiches for years, but people didn’t talk about it. Haven’t you put a chicken tender between one of those buttery Popeyes biscuits? That sandwich is better than any other southern style chicken sandwich in my book.

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So, next time you are craving that Popeyes chicken sandwich don’t fret. It is waiting for you, just bring your own bun.