College Game Day food: 11 Dishes that deliver big flavor


College game day food is going bigger, bolder and tastier than ever. With a side of school pride, these delicious food choices satisfy all the fans.

Ready for some delicious college game day food? With school pride on the line, the action at the concession stand is just as fierce as the plays on the gridiron. Although classic fare is always tasty, some schools are making big food plays.

Continuing the trends seen in professional sports stadiums, college stadiums are looking to bring bigger, bolder and more creative menu items to fans. While that hamburger and hot dog might be classic tailgating fare, fans are wanting more. From food mash-ups to bold flavors, these new offerings go big.

Even though there are tons of tasty food options across the country, a few menu items caught FoodSided’s eye. From creative spins to just tasty bites, here are some of our college game day food recommendations.

Iowa State University: Crab Rangoon Fries

The classic Chinese appetizer gets a food mash-up in this dish. Fries get smothered with crab cream cheese spread and topped with sweet chili sauce and crispy wonton strings. This dish is a perfect blend of flavor and texture.

Crab Rangoon Fries Iowa State University, photo provided by Levy

University of Missouri: Pulled Pork Waffle Fry Nachos

Nachos are always a must at a sporting event. This version takes crispy waffle fries and covers them with succulent pulled pork. Add some creamy cheddar sauce and pico de gallo and you won’t be looking for chips.

Ohio State: Wicked Lobstah

This fan favorite is always a popular choice at The Ohio State. The traditional lobster roll is a perfect way to celebrate another winning drive.

University of Oklahoma: Crimson & Cream Dessert Nachos

Continuing our love of nachos, this dessert version is totally customizable. From cherry pie filling to sugar-coated tortilla chips, the only tough decision is how many topping to add to these nachos.

Ole Miss: Chop’s Tot-cho’s

The famous Chop’s BBQ Pork covers hot, fresh tater tots. The dish is then smothered with nacho ceese, bbq sauce and jalapenos. Just make sure you have some extra napkins on hand before you dive in.

Northwestern: Wildcat Nachos

Again, FoodSided loves nachos and this version gets big flavor from the beef barbacoa. It is definitely a must try.

Beaver Dam Fries Oregon State University, photo provided by Levy

Oregon State University: Beaver Dam Fries

Fries are always a good idea on college game day. These Beaver Dam Fries get a little flavor surprise from the balsamic caramelized onions. And, that fry sauce should be available in a to go bottle.

Purdue: Porky Pete’s Primetime Player BBQ Sandwich

The Boilermakers definitely have a bit appetite to handle this mega sandwich. The pork tenderloin, polish sausage, pulled pork, pork burger, and bacon make this sandwich a pork-mega bite. Yes, the coleslaw and onion rings help to balance the pork, but you better be hungry to handle this sandwich.

Arroyo Dog Rose Bowl, photo provided by Levy

Rose Bowl: Arroyo Dog

This classic Rose Bowl menu item elevates the classis hot dog. With roasted corn relish, chimichurri and cotija cheese, it shows how versatile a hot dog can be.

Texas A&M: Rudy’s Bar-B-Q:

Aggies love Rudy’s Bar-B-Q. Now all that delicious food can be found at the stadium. But will you order brisket or chicken?

Triple Coverage Grilled Cheese Sandwich University of Wisconsin-Madison, photo provided by Levy

University of Wisconsin: Triple Coverage Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Bucky will tell you that Wisconsin is all about the cheese. This big, cheesy sandwich has three cheeses and parmesan buttered sourdough bread. While served with a house-made tomato soup dipping sauce, we want to know where’s the beer to wash it all down?

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