DEWAR’S Caribbean Smooth: Blending flavors to achieve a unique flavor


DEWAR’S Caribbean Smooth is changing conventional thought on Scotch Whisky. One sip of this new liquor will have you dreaming of tropical breezes.

DEWAR’S is a celebrated blended Scotch Whisky and its new DEWAR’S Caribbean Smooth is a game changer for both scotch and rum drinkers. Will this spirit’s versatility have it become your signature sipper?

Launching on soon, this new DEWAR’S Whisky offers a unique approach to blended whisky. While blended liquors are common, this particular blend offers something innovative. By using rum casks for part of the aging process, the nuanced flavor creates exactly what the brand wanted, versatility.

While many people enjoy a great Scotch, some people might be more hesitant to sip one or the classic peaty flavor might not be the best fit for the occasion. When a brand can blend multiple elements to create a liquor with broader appeal, it is a game changer for the industry.

DEWAR’S describes this whisky as “unexpected smoothness and tropical finish.” Those adjectives only give a glimpse into the flavor of this blended whisky. While DEWAR’S has always been an exceptionally smooth whisky due to its “double-aging,” this particular blended whisky is very rounded.

In a way, this whisky will appeal to both the newbie whisky drinker and the whisky fan who is looking for a slightly lighter sip. While “lighter” might not be the most descriptive adjective, this spirit has a very approachable flavor that works both as a sipper and in a cocktail.

DEWAR’S Caribbean Smooth, new spirit from DEWAR’S, photo provided by DEWAR’S

Where most scotches have a peaty forward flavor, the DEWAR’S Caribbean Smooth has sweetness to it. With caramel, even brown sugar notes, the flavor is approachable to non-scotch drinkers yet still appeals to the classic scotch lover.

By blending the two cultures, this libation is unlike other beverages on the market. The rum casks add this nuance to the spirit that makes it quite versatile. Whether you choose to enjoy on the rocks or mixed into a cocktail, this spirit is a great option when you want a drink that it a little lighter.

Recently, I had the opportunity to taste test the DEWAR’S Caribbean Smooth. I tried it both in a cocktail as well as neat.

As a Scotch fan, I was curious to see how this spirit is similar yet different from a traditional DEWAR’S. The best word to describe the beverage is smooth. There is a roundness to the taste, coming from the rum barrel aging.

While the sweetness isn’t pronounced, there is a hint of flavor that makes it work well in a cocktail. DEWAR’S recommended the following cocktail.

DEWAR’S Cask to Colada, photo provided by DEWAR’S

"Cask to ColadaRecipe:50ml Caribbean Smooth25ml Fresh Pineapple juice50ml Coconut water10ml Vanilla sugarGlass: HighballGarnish: Pineapple leafMethod: Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker, fill ¾ with cubed ice and shake hard for 5 seconds. Single strain into Highball glass filled with cubed ice and garnish with Pineapple leaf."

In a way, this cocktail was quite refreshing. While slightly sweet, the flavors were perfect on a slightly warm afternoon. Also, this cocktail goes quite well with some grilled shrimp, which I served with the cocktail.

While DEWAR’S provided this cocktail, there are many ways to enjoy this particular spirit. Since there is a Caribbean feel to the spirit, a splash of cola and some fresh lime juice makes for a nice beverage.

DEWAR’S also recommends a Coconut Highball. There seems to be many types of cocktails that could be created with this new spirit.

Although I will continue to create and experiment with this spirit, I would recommend that any cocktail stay on the lighter side. It would be interesting to see how this spirit pairs with a ginger beer floater for an added element of spice to contrast the slight sweetness.

The 8 year aged DEWAR’S Caribbean Smooth hits store shelves in October. The suggested retail price is $21.99.

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Are you ready to try the DEWAR’S Caribbean Smooth? Do you think that you will sip it straight or mix it into a cocktail?