MasterChef Season 10 finale preview: Which chef will earn the title?


Three home cooks battle in the MasterChef Season 10 finale. Which of the three will cook the meal of their lives and earn the coveted MasterChef title?

The MasterChef Season 10 finale is here. While the three remaining home cooks have proven their culinary skills, there are a few more final dishes that need to earn them the title. Which home cook will impress the judges?

According to FOX, the synopsis for the MasterChef  Season 10 finale states:

"Returning from their home towns after a whirlwind trip across the pond, the Top Three home cooks are ready to tackle their final dishes in hopes of crossing the finish line and coming out on top! All eyes will be on the chefs as the legendary MASTERCHEF kitchen is transformed into a battle ring full of friends, family and former winners ready to watch their favorite Season Ten chef-testants cook for their lives. The finalists must execute a superior three-course meal for the judges; the entirety of Season Ten has led to this crucial and exciting moment! Only one will win the title of MASTERCHEF, an opportunity to learn hands-on in each of the judges’ restaurants and the $250,000 grand prize in the all-new “The Finale – Pt. 1 / The Finale – Pt. 2” two-hour season finale episode of MASTERCHEF."

Cooking a three course meal in the finale might sound relatively straight-forward, but nothing is easy or should be taken for granted in MasterChef. Throughout Season 10, the home cooks have had to push themselves to be bigger, bolder and more creative. The finale will be the cummulation of this journey.

While these home cooks might covet the MasterChef title, there might be a bigger goal for their culinary future. Many MasterChef alums go onto great culinary careers. Can these home cooks handle that professional cooking environment?

In this MasterChef preview clip, it looks like the judges are going to put the home cooks professional cooking chops to the test.

While there is no clue what this last minute twist is, the home cooks better be prepared for anything. A professional chef needs to adapt on the fly. From a diner with a dietary issue to an issue with the stove, a professional chef is prepared for anything and everything.

In the MasterChef Season 10 finale, these three home cooks should expect twists and turns. Gordon Ramsay isn’t going to let these home cooks just present a scrumptious three course meal. Usually, the chef who has shown the greatest transformation earns the title.

Looking at the three finalists, it is hard to say which home cook has an advantage. Nick has shown flare in his cooking. He pushes the creativity in his ingredients, flavors and plating. That choice to be bold can set his dishes apart from the other home cooks.

Sarah has had highs and lows. While she always seems to scramble with her plating, many of her dishes have been well executed. She seems to pull through when the pressure is high.

Dorian has the best story arc this season. When she started this competition, she was timid and lacked confidence. Mid-way through the season, she blossomed.

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Staying true to her roots and her point of view, Dorian is a force in the kitchen. Can cooking from the heart earn her the MasterChef title?

Are you ready to watch the MasterChef Season 10 finale? Here’s how.

Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Start Time: 8 p.m. ET

Episode: “The Finale – Pt 1/The Finale Pt. 2”

TV Channel: FOX

Live Stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on FOX’s website or app.

MasterChef Season 10 will air on FOX on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.