Football tailgating must have these types of snacks


Football tailgating requires some tasty snacks. With the shelves overflowing with snack options, which snacks need to be at the tailgate?

Are you preparing for your next football tailgating event? From your favorite NFL game to your college alma mater, tailgating and football go hand in hand. Although everyone has their personal, favorite, go to snack, there is one style of snack that everyone seems to crave. Is it on your list?

According to Frito-Lay, tailgating and snacks go hand in hand. With football season ranking extremely high in snack purchases, one particular style of snack tops the list. Salty snacks have an “8% higher” sales during football season.

While everyone understands the connection between football watching and snacks (Super Bowl and snack commercials are a classic example), salty snacks are a particular category. There can be many reasons why salty snacks surge during football season.

First, salty snacks tend to make you drink more. Ever wonder why there is that bowl of popcorn or pretzels at the bar? The salt makes you want to drink more. So, the more salty snacks at the party means that you need to make sure there’s plenty of beverages on hand.

Also, people can crave salty snacks when they have stress. Watching the last minute, potentially game winning drive can be quite stressful. Who hasn’t mindless eaten through an entire bag of Cheetos without even knowing?

Football tailgating must haves, photo by Cristine Struble

Still, a tailgate is more than just having the right snacks on hand for eating. In addition, everyone needs to have some fun either before or after the game. Having a game or two around the food table is a great choice.

A cornhole set can be a lot of fun. Although there are professional cornhole players, this game is easy for all ages. Just take a few throws and get into the swing of things. Truthfully, this game is about having fun.

Beyond playing cornhole, create a set-up that gets people engaged. Sure, everyone is there for the big game, but the event is about being together. Food, fun and football are all part of that event. Don’t leave one part out.

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What are your best tailgating tips? Are your serving some salty snacks at your next tailgate?