Budweiser Reserve Black Lager: Bud and Beam back in black


Black is back. The new Budweiser Reserve Black Lager continues the Budweiser and Jim Beam collaboration and this bold beer is ready to impress.

A bold, robust beer is here for beer lovers. The Budweiser Reserve Black Lager continues the Budweiser and Jim Beam collaboration. Beer lovers will definitely want to crack open one of these brews.

Starting this October, a new limited edition Budweiser beer is hitting store shelves. This newest collaboration with Jim Beam is a departure from the traditional Budweiser beer. At a hefty, 7.1% ABV (the highest in the Budweiser portfolio), this beer is meant to be savored.

Budweiser and Jim Beam have previously collaborated on a beer. The Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager was well received by both beer drinkers and spirits fans. This newest beer continues that collaboration and builds on the nuanced flavors that this brewing process can provide.

Bourbon barrel aged beers have become popular with beer drinkers. While an ice cold lager can be refreshing, sometimes a more robust, flavorful beer offers a different drinking experience.

These styles of beers are often considered a beer meant to slowly savored. Similar to an aged bourbon, these beers are more cocktail forward than just traditional beers.

With prohibition being repealed 86 years ago, this collaboration is a lovely homage to the American brands. In some ways, the beer blends some of the best parts of both brands.

Budweiser Reserve Series, photo provided by Budweiser

The new Budweiser Reserve Black Lager is described as “a dark auburn color, an oaky aroma with coffee and chocolate notes, a toasted malt taste, and a deliciously smooth finish.” Although a black lager might look dark, the beer often is quite drinkable and not heavy. While the flavors are bolder, the beer is smooth.

Some of this beer’s flavor is developed through its aging process in Jim Beam bourbon barrel staves. The aging develops a bolder taste.

Since this beer is a limited edition release, it is intended to pair well with the change of seasons. As beer drinks embrace the colder weather, this beer offers the warmth and depth to ward off that chill. Whether enjoyed by the fire or paired with a winter roast, the beer is the perfect pairing.

In addition to this new limited edition brew, the Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager is returning as well. This beer will be available through March 2020.

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What do you think of the Budweiser Reserve Black Lager? Will you be buying one to sip and savor?