Funyuns fashion is perfect for snacking on the go


Craving some Funyuns but don’t want to carry that bag? This new innovative fashion option is perfect for snacking on the go.

Food and fashion go hand in hand. From wearing your favorite brand on a t-shirt or sharing your love of snacks on your Instagram feed, food is, and will continue to be, part of the pop culture collective. So, when fans need a more convenient way to snack, snack brands step up.

The newest example of food and fashion is the Funyuns fashion. Announced on the brand’s Twitter page, this pocket t-shirt is the perfect size to carry your favorite bag of snacks. Now, snacking on the go is even more convenient.

Thinking about this idea, the concept is smart. No one carries a purse or bag anymore. All we carry is our phones. If you want to snack anywhere, where do you put that snack bag?

Plus, if you are hanging out with friends, you want to capture the moment. No one wants to try to hold that snack bag and try to snap a photo. Why not put those snacks in a pocket.

Of course, this promotion is all in good fun. This shirt might not be the most practical item in your wardrobe, but it will definitely get some fun attention walking down the street.

Maybe it could really start a trend. Wouldn’t you want extra pockets when traveling? It would make your travel bag less heavy.

In many ways, this idea shows how snacking is meant to be fun. Funyuns are a tasty snack that might not always be in the snack bowl. Truthfully, this snack is fun to eat.

These snacks have a zesty onion flavor. Whether you prefer tradition or Flamin’ Hot, this snack curbs that onion ring-like flavor craving one snack bag at a time.

Also, these snacks are great for the home cook. There are so many ways you can use these snacks in cooking. From a crunchy topping on a salad to an added texture on a taco, the options are many.

Are you ready for some Funyuns fashion? Check out Funyuns socials for more information on how to get one of these limited edition fashions.

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Where do you stand on food and fashion? Does your closet match your pantry?