It’s GINcredible, Sugarfina and Aviation Gin launch gin-infused candies


Candy lovers adore Sugarfina and Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin has won over gin fans. The newest cocktail inspired candies are definitely GINcredible.

Cocktail inspired candies can be an adult feel like a kid again. The Sugarfina and Aviation Gin partnership will have foodies lining up to taste these sweet treats. Are you ready to shake up a sweet treat?

Gin has seen a surge in popularity. Whether it is the “royal effect” or drinkers looking for a more sophisticated taste, gin is no longer that “older” drink.

In some ways, the popularity of Ryan Reynonds’ Aviation Gin shows the increased interest in gin. While celebrity liquor brands generally do well, this particular gin won over the classic gin drinker. The American gin is described as being softer and smoother.

The small batch liquor allows the botantials to shine in a very balanced way. From a simple gin and tonic to an old-school gin fizz, the smooth, nuanced flavor of this gin made it a leader in the category.

Sugarfina & Aviation gin cocktail inspired candies, photo provided by Sugarfina

Sugarfina has woven its sweet treats into the pop culture collective. From theme-based offerings to cocktail-inspired candies, like with Casamigos Tequila, the brand encourages adults to embrace the fun that candy offers. No one is ever too old to enjoy a delicious piece of candy.

This launch is the first time that Sugarfina entered the gin candy space. While each candy is delightful on its own, they are designed to complement the balanced botanicals in the Aviation Gin.

These cocktail-inspired candies are inspired by classic gin cocktails. From a Gin Fizz to a Gimlet, these are flavors and cocktails that are approachable.

Looking at the various candies, it is clear that these candies are trying to bring both the flavor and the mouth feel that these cocktails represent. From the bubbly, effervescence to a richer cordial, these candies show the breadth that gin and gin cocktails offer.

Ryan Reynolds said “The alarming lack of gin-based snacks available for purchase provides Sugarfina and Aviation a true advantage. I look forward to literally owning the luxury micro-treat category.”

That comment is really telling. While dark liquors fill the truffle category, gin can be overlooked. While botanical flavors might not be the obvious choices, those combinations can be totally compelling. It can be the surprise that you never knew you were craving.

The new cocktail-inspired candies from Sugarfina and Aviation Gin will be available at Sugarfina Boutiques and online.

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