McDonald’s adds new cinnamon holiday lineup and it’s looking sweet


McDonald’s has another reason for you to visit. The new McCafé Cinnamon Cookie Latte is going to make the season even sweeter.

While a McDonald’s Big Mac is always tasty, McCafé Cinnamon Cookie Latte will be tempting everyone with a sweet cinnamon holiday lineup this year. Whether you want to start your day with a caffeine fix or need a mid-afternoon pick me up, this new McDonald’s seasonal beverage will be the hit of the season.

Starting November 6, the McCafe Cinnamon Cookie Latte will be available. It has been over five years since a new seasonal beverage has hit the McDonald’s menu. Looking at the new flavor, the choice is an interesting one.

Cinnamon is a warm, welcoming flavor. On a cold, winter day, both the aroma and taste can be a way to find that coziness that people crave. This beverage should quickly become a fan favorite.

In some ways, cinnamon is the under-explored holiday flavor. While pumpkin takes over the fall and peppermint is the winter focus, cinnamon can offer a broader appeal. From sweet desserts to the nuanced flavor in numerous recipes, cinnamon is a flavor that many people crave.

Since this new flavor is a Cinnamon Cookie Latte, there should a touch of sweetness, too. Cinnamon and cookie is delicious combination. Think of that enticing whiff that comes from the oven as cookies back. The warmth and the sweet should make each sip taste even better.

The new McCafe Cinnamon Cookie Latte will be available both hot and iced. It will arrive starting on November 6.

Plus, the new seasonal beverage announcement comes with the return of a fan favorite, McCafe Donut Sticks. The previous limited edition menu item had many people heading to McDonald’s for a sweet start to their day. Many people have anxiously awaited its return.

Those warm, sugary donut sticks were a great way to start the day. If you didn’t lick your fingers instead of using a napkin, you definitely had better will power than some people.

To add even more excitement to the Donut Sticks return, they come with a new Chocolate Sauce for dipping. In a way, the dipping sauce allows everyone to customize their experience. Whether you like a little chocolate or smothered in chocolate the option is yours.

These two new menu items show that McDonald’s understands that it is more than just Big Macs, Happy Meals and chicken sandwiches. Coffee and breakfast foods are a huge draw. Now, fans can spend morning, noon and night going to their local McDonald’s.

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What do you think of the new McCafé Cinnamon Cookie Latte? Are you excited to try one?