Thanks DoorDash for the 1 cent Big Macs from McDonald’s


DoorDash wants you to enjoy 1 cent Big Macs from McDonald’s. Are you ready to celebrate nationwide rollout of McDelivery with DoorDash?

Want to satisfy that Big Mac craving from your couch. DoorDash, the “nation’s largest on-demand destination for door-to-door delivery,” is celebrating the huge McDelivery expansion with a deal that no one will be able to resist. Could that penny in your pocket get you lunch?

Everyone loves a great deal. These types of promotions celebrate both consumer loyalty and entice new users to the platform. In many ways, this special promotion only grows DoorDash’s position in the food space.

In July, DoorDash’s McDelivery rolled out in Houston. After seeing the success in this launch, “McDelivery will expand to more than 10,000 restaurants nationwide by the end of the year, covering over 70% of the U.S. system.” Now, no one will have to leave their couch to get their favorite Big Mac or other McDonald’s food items.

Over the years, consumers are looking for more convenience. Today, the drive through line or the grab and go counter isn’t the only way to get food in consumers’ hands.

As people are attached to the convenience offered on their smart phones, they want food to be offered at the push of a button.

DoorDash Big Mac promotion with McDonald’s, photo provided by DoorDash

While certain foods have always been associated with delivery, a company like DoorDash, has created a on demand destination platform where any food craving can be satisfied via just a push of a button. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, consumers can have the food they want, when they want it.

The McDelivery celebration is huge for both consumers and the company. In addition to the 1 cent Big Macs, consumers will be entered to win a chance at $1 million. Even if a Big Mac isn’t your favorite sandwich, the deal and the contest might encourage you to order.

This special offer is limited. The promotion runs September 30 through October 4. There are 1 million 1 cent Big Macs offers available. The promotion is available either through October 4 or till the 1 million offers are redeemed.

To get this offer, use the code 1MBIGMAC at check. There are fees associated with the order. Entry into the contest is automatic when using the code.

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What do you think of this DoorDash Big Mac promotion? Will you be ordering one for lunch today?