Wendy’s launches Feast of Legends, are you ready to play?


Wendy’s thinks the table can be more than quick service restaurant with tasty menu items. Are you ready for the Feast of Legends?

Where’s the beef phrase might always be tied to Wendy’s, but today’s consumer isn’t just seeking a quick service restaurant with a catchy word play. The connection between food and culture continues to grow. From food fashion to crossovers, everything has become connection. Are you ready for that food table to host the Feast of Legends.

Announced during New York Comic Con, Feast of Legends is Wendy’s first role-playing game. While this particular game draws inspiration from Wendy’s and its world, the concept is similar to other table top role playing games. Are you prepared to enter the Realm of the Beef’s Keep?

Esports and gaming culture has become part of the cultural collective. No longer is gaming limited to just an activity on the couch in the privacy of your home. It has gone mainstream.

According to facts provided by Wendy’s, “there are 4.7MM RPG fans across the US and 13.8 worldwide.” Those numbers are staggering. Given the built-in fan base, it makes sense that a company would want to embrace that fandom.

The Feast of Legends has been described as “an immersive fantasy campaign to support its never-ending fight against frozen beef, whether it’s in the real world or the fantasy world of Beef’s Keep.” Now, role playing game fans will probably see the similarities to other games. Still, it is a fun way of bringing the two worlds together.

To be honest, role playing games are part of my common collective. Sure, I’ve seen references in shows like Big Bang Theory and I’ve read articles. Still, I understand the connection between pop culture and food.

It isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last, time that pop culture and food find common ground. Brands want to find connections between loyal fans. If Wendy’s can capture this gaming audience, it grows its customer base.

If want to play or learn more about this new role playing game, head to www.feastoflegends.com. Maybe you can protect the realm Beef’s Keep.

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What do you think of this Wendy’s gaming launch? Do you think it could be the new trend in the quick service restaurant world?