Jimmy John’s introduces the Little John, with the help of Lil Jon


Love that freaky fresh Jimmy John’s sandwich but have a smaller appetite? The new Little John is the perfect option, even Lil Jon approves.

Jimmy John’s and its sandwiches have been growing its fan base. Whether it is the fresh ingredients or the freaky fast delivery, these sandwiches have a loyal following. Still, there are times when a big sandwich can be a little too much food. Enter the Little John.

In a recent announcement, Jimmy John’s is launching the Little John. This sandwich is a small version of its original sandwiches. Available in any of the seven original sandwiches, this smaller version is just $3. While you might want to call it cute, it definitely delivers everything that fans have come to expect from the sandwich company.

This new addition fits within the Jimmy John’s philosophy. It offers all the great tasting, fresh ingredients that its loyal fan base craves. The only difference is that the sandwich is smaller. From feeding kids to satisfying a smaller craving, this new sandwich size shows that small is the new trend.

Today’s consumer wants a great value without compromising taste and ingredients. While the value menus continue to grow, companies need to respond in a way that corresponds to the brand. By launching this new smaller sandwich, the company offers variety to its base and potentially brings new customers into its business. It is a smart decision.

While the business aspect might be important to the food industry, there needs to a fun aspect to the launch. Using Jimmy John’s super fan Lil Jon is a fun play on words as well as an entertaining promotion for the new Little John.

In some ways, this ad could even expand the brand’s fan base. If Lil Jon approves of the new sandwich, other fans might want to try a new sandwich just because. Again, it is a fun and strategic.

Although fun with advertising is always entertaining, the ad gets people to learn more about the Little John. $3 for a sandwich with “all natural meats, hand-sliced veggies and fresh baked bread” is a great value.

Just to clarify, the Little John is a little sandwich, meaning it is just like the original sandwich, just a smaller portion. This concept is not just cutting a portion of a big sandwich to make smaller versions. It is the cute version of the classic Jimmy John’s sandwiches that everyone has come to love.

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Are you ready for big value in a cute package? Jimmy John’s Little John is here and lunch plans are solved.