Can you believe that this college area orders the most Chipotle?


So many people crave their Chipotle, but one college area tops the most orders of that tasty Mexican food. Can you guess where it is?

How often do you eat at Chipotle? For college students, this fast casual restaurant is super popular with college students. Whether they grab a burrito, bowl or just extra chips and guac, it is always a popular stop for the always hungry college student.

Given this popularity, Chipotle looked to see which college area orders the most food. Before looking at this study, FoodSided had a few guesses. Our initial thought would be a California school, maybe someplace in Arizona or even Texas. After looking at the study, we were wrong.

The school that consume the most Chipotle is University of Colorado – Boulder. Colorado has a great food scene and is quite diverse. Given that the area is quite active and offers lots of outdoor recreation, maybe this restaurant offers the food that keeps college students energized and fueled for activities and studies.

Looking at the whole list, there is another pattern. Florida has four schools in the top 10 list. Florida State University, University of Central Florida, University of South Florida and University of Florida dominate the Florida connection. It seems that Florida craves those burritos and bowls.

The popularity with college students says a lot about this restaurant brand. Whether it is the new focus on fresh ingredients to the value offered on its menu, the college connection keeps the brand strong. More importantly, it should grow over time. As long as the brand offers college students what they want, there is a built in customer for a long time.

Plus, with the addition of free delivery Sundays kicking off on September 29, it could be another reason for college students to make an additional order. Who doesn’t want to spend less money?

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Do you know a college student who loves Chipotle? Why do they love this fast casual restaurant brand?