Carne Asada is added to the Chipotle menu & Paleo dieters rejoice


Need another reason to eat at Chipotle? Carne Asada has just been added to the brand’s menu and guests can’t wait to try it.

Chipotle Rewards members got a huge scoop this morning. Carne Asada has been added to the brand’s menu. While the new menu item will roll out on September 19, fans are already starting to plan their next order.

In the constantly evolving quick service restaurant environment, brands need to keep guests engaged with new menu items and offerings. The newest menu item coming to Chipotle is receiving a lot of fanfare. From its announcement to the menu item itself, this addition could show a new direction for the Mexican Grill brand.

The newest menu item, Carne Asada, takes a premium steak and seasons it with signature spices. Cut into tender slices, the steak is finished with a squeeze of fresh lime and cilantro. Additionally, the menu item is Whole30 Program approved and “is compliant with a Paleo diet.”

The new menu item received positive feedback during its testing period. As more consumers are looking for protein rich dishes, this menu item delivers on flavor in addition to fitting into certain lifestyle choices.

Personally, this new menu item would be delicious in a bowl. The combination of fresh pico, black beans and a little guacamole sounds like a perfect bite. Just looking at the picture could make a person crave one.

It is nice that the brand uses a touch of lime on the meat. That squeeze of fresh lime juice is the punch of acid that this protein needs.

Carne Asada added to Chipotle’s menu, photo provided by Chipotle

Although this new menu item is available for a limited time, it will be curious if fans can encourage the brand to keep it permanently. Based on the description, the premium menu item should set Chipotle apart from other quick service brands.

To announce this launch, the Chipotle’s Behind the Foil campaign partnered with film director David Gelb (creator of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Chef’s Table and Street Food) to create some special ads.

These ads show the connection between the real team members and the real food that they prepare. By putting the focus on the people and the process, the brand looks to set itself apart from the competition. While the service might be quick, the attention to detail isn’t overlooked.

These stylized commercials bring a foodie feel to the newest menu item. In a way, they seem to entice the non-Chipotle guest to either discover or re-discover the brand. Sometimes fresh, good food doesn’t have to come with an exuberant price tag.

The new Carne Asada menu item rolls out at participating Chipotle Restaurants on September 19. This new menu item continues the brand’s goal to serve real food with wholesome ingredients across its restaurants.

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What do you think of Chipotle’s new Carne Asada? Could it become your new favorite menu item?