7-Eleven’s new Slurpee flavor is on fire, can you handle it?


Time to say thank heaven! 7-Eleven’s new Slurpee flavor brings the heat and with each sip your thirst for flavor will be quenched.

Have you tried 7-Eleven’s new Slurpee flavor? Periodically, 7-Eleven releases special Slurpee flavors. From NERDS to Cap’n Crunch, pop culture has influenced many flavors. In some cases, these new flavors follow food trends. With the release of this new Slurpee flavor, 7-Eleven combines two food trends for a refreshing, flavorful beverage.

The new Slurpee Lite flavor is Glaceau vitaminwater fire. This flavor follows the Slurpee Lite vitaminwater Chill drink. That flavor was well received by consumers.

Now, Slurpee fans have a second beverage option that is lower in calories and is packed with vitamins. It is a perfect excuse to grab one this afternoon.

Unlike the previous lite Slurpee, this new beverage packs a big flavor punch. The spicy watermelon-lime flavor is bold, yet quite refreshing. The spice, coming from jalapeno and habanero, gives that kick in every sip.

Combining heat with watermelon works well. The sweetness of the watermelon balances the spice. Plus, with the brightness from the lime, it makes for a sip that seems to offer a little tasty wake-up call for your tastebuds.

While bold, it isn’t overpowering. In some ways, the touch of heat makes the beverage even more refreshing. Sometimes a burst of spice can be a great way to feel cooled off.

The addition of this Slurpee Lite shows that 7-Eleven is embracing sophisticated flavors. Just as consumers’ palates are expanding, traditional beverages are evolving as well.

As seen in both the candy and snack aisle, the combination of sweet and spicy has grown tremendously. When a food has that perfect balance, people crave it. Why should the spicy sweet combination be limited to just the snack aisle?

Additionally, this new Slurpee shows that food trends are becoming more accessible. It isn’t necessarily just one demographic that wants to push food boundaries. Across all groups, people are willing to push the flavor envelope, especially when it is presented in a favorite beverage.

While consumers want big flavor, they often look for more calorie conscious options. According to 7-Eleven, Glaceau vitaminwater is the “top-selling non-carbonated, flavored water.” It makes sense that the brand would want to transform this beverage into a Slurpee.

In some ways, this new 7-Eleven Slurpee flavor turns a sometimes beverage into a more regular treat. From the vitamins to the lower calories, this beverage could replace that morning coffee or even hydration option.

7-Eleven’s new Slurpee flavor, Glaceau vitaminwater fire is available at participating 7-Eleven locations.

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Will you try 7-Eleven’s new Slurpee flavor, Glaceau vitaminwater fire? What new Slurpee flavor should 7-Eleven make next?