5 Delicious Disney desserts that will surprise even the biggest foodie


Delicious Disney desserts can be found all over Disney Parks. With a huge new menu launch, these five new desserts will surprise even the foodie in your house.

A visit to Disney comes with a few must eats. Delicious Disney desserts can be found at sit down restaurants, quick service location and even at the pop-up market place. Even though some iconic desserts, like the Dole Whip, are always a tasty choice, new plant based dessert options can tempt even the guest with incredible will power.

Disney is filled with a talented culinary team that is always looking to push the boundaries and incorporate the latest foods trends. While many pastry chefs have been trained to use copious amounts of butter in desserts, today’s food conscious consumer is looking for more plant-based alternatives. While it might seem like a little Disney magic, plant-based desserts are as delicious as the traditional versions.

The new Disney plant based menu highlights the creativity of the Disney culinary team. These dishes are bursting with flavor and texture. Each dish is so satisfying that guests will never question that the dish is plant based.

Most surprising of the plant based dishes are the delicious Disney desserts. While a traditional sorbet and fruit can always be an option, these desserts push the flavor and creativity boundaries. More importantly, they are so tasty that guests will never miss all that butter.

Here are some delicious Disney desserts that guests must try.

Disney dessert from plant based menu, photo by Cristine Struble

Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd – Be Our Guest

A lemon curd can add such a punch of pucker that it is a lovely way to end a delicious meal. This combination of lemon curd and rich vanilla cake showcases that vanilla is far from boring. The tenderness of the crumb on this cake will make you ask for that recipe.

Coffee Pots de Crème at Cinderella’s Royal Table

Why have a cup of coffee when you can eat your coffee with a spoon? This pot de crème is a perfect end to a royal meal. The touch of tropical flavors from the passion fruit elevates the dessert. It is a new combination that will have you wishing for another spoonful.

New Disney plant based dessert, photo by Cristine Struble

Dark Chocolate-Banana Bread Pudding with Soy Milk Frozen Dessert – The Plaza Restaurant

A really good bread pudding can be absolutely divine. This dark chocolate-banana bread pudding is rich yet not over powering. Each bite will make you wonder how the chefs got the flavor and texture without any butter or eggs. Plus, as the frozen dessert melts, it acts like a sauce. It is a must try.

Crème brulee– Be Our Guest

A classic crème brulee is always an amazing dessert choice. This version is absolutely luscious. From the perfectly cracked sugar to the smoothness of the custard, there is nothing better than this classic dessert.

Dole Whip

While not a new dessert, the Dole Whip has always been a plant-based dessert option. A trip to Disney isn’t complete without one Dole Whip treat.

These five delicious Disney desserts are just a small sample of the many desserts on the Disney plant-based menu. There are dessert options at the Disney Parks, hotels and Disney Springs. For more information, please visit the Disney plant based website.

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What is your favorite Disney dessert? Would one of these plant based desserts tempt you to ditch the butter?