Ben Simmons uses smartwater to push his own boundaries


Professional basketball player Ben Simmons believes that feeling hydrated is important to him feeling his best, which is why smartwater is part of his active lifestyle.

Ben Simmons is a powerhouse on the court. Smartwater brand is an innovator in its field. The two mavericks have partnered to showcase how feeling good and feeling hydrated is important for any active lifestyle. Are you ready to forge your own path to success?

Hydration is always a popular topic. From the weekend warrior to the athlete to the average joe, everyone has heard the importance of drinking plenty of water. In order to perform optimally, proper hydration is key.

Getting people to drink more water can be a mission, itself. From complaints about taste to just being called boring, sometimes people are drawn to other beverages to fuel their activities. But, those other beverage options may not always be the optimum choice.

20 years ago, smartwater “reimagined what water could be.” From the crisp taste to the electrolytes, this water was far beyond the status quo.

Even today, smartwater is “on a mission to encourage and enable active performance.” With both its n alkaline and antioxidant versions, the brand looks to be part of every person’s lifestyle. Whether the person is looking to run her first 5K or just get off the couch, these beverage choices look to fuel each and every choice.

The partnership with Ben Simmons is an interesting choice for the brand. The well-regarded basketball player understands that smart choices can help him perform in all aspects of his active lifestyle. From on the court to just normal pursuits, every choice makes a difference.

Simmons say that the smartwater alkaline and smartwater antioxidant fits “my active lifestyle and enable me to push my own boundaries in relentless pursuit of levelling up.” It might be a simple statement, but it can resonate with many people.

While few people might reach the level of a professional athlete, everyone can level up in their own way. From running that extra mile on the treadmill to feeling good while playing with the kids on the playground, all of those moments are benefited by proper hydration.

As Ginger Cherny, Senior Brand Manager for smartwater said, “We are proud to champion those who, like Ben, elevate their everyday by forging their own paths.” Again, the focus is on the individual and her best.

Simmons will be featured in the brand’s marketing campaigns throughout the season. Smartwater is available in original, sparkling, alkaline and antioxidant versions.

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Are you ready to level up your path? What is your best hydration tip for your active lifestyle?