Taco Bell and Xbox partner to create ultimate winning combination


Taco Bell is going to fuel your gaming experience. With this new Xbox partnership, the two iconic brands will create the most epic gaming experience.

Looking to make game night even more epic? Taco Bell and Xbox are teaming up to create another amazing food and gaming experience. Are you hungry for victory?

Taco Bell has legions of fans. Whether it is a quick bite or the 10 pack of tacos for the group, there is always something craveable at Taco Bell.

Xbox has been a leader in the gaming industry. It seems that almost everyone has had some version of this gaming console at some point in their lives.

The Taco Bell and Xbox partnership is a longstanding one. Going back to 2001 and the original Xbox launch, the two brands have seen how food and gaming go hand in hand.

This newest promotion gives fans the opportunity to have an epic game night. Customers who purchase “Taco Bell’s Double Chalupa Box will have the chance to win an Xbox One X Eclipse Limited Edition Bundle.” It is basically the ultimate gaming prize that everyone will want.

Taco Bell Xbox Double Chalupa Box, photo provided by Taco Bell

This limited edition bundle has a little something special. When the console powers on, it makes that iconic Taco Bell “ring” sound. Now, it might not necessarily be that Pavlov’s Dog scenario where you instantly crave a Chalupa, but it could make you run for the border to fuel up before a big night of gaming.

Tracee Larocca, Senior Vice President of Brand Experience at Taco Bell, said “whether fans are unboxing their Double Chalupa boxes or the new Xbox One X Eclipse Bundle, this is yet another opportunity for us to give them a one of a kind experience.”

While a new gaming console is nice, the Double Chalupa Boxes are a win for those with a big appetite. The Double Chalupa has a double portion of seasoned beef. Topped all the classic toppings, this Double Chalupa should satisfy even the bigger appetites.

Plus, the Box version comes with the Double Chalupa (or spicy version), “a Crunchy Taco, Cinnamon Twists and a Medium soda.” If you are still hungry after this box, your appetite is quite impressive.

The special giveaway runs from October 17 through November 23. For complete rules, please visit http://tacobellxboxappoffer.com/.

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Are you hungry for victory? Grab a Double Chalupa Box and get those lightning quick fingers ready to your next game night.