Vetri Cucina Las Vegas celebrates the nuanced flavors of impeccable pasta


Vetri Cucina Las Vegas sits above those bright lights. The highly acclaimed Italian cuisine and impeccable pasta on the plate draws diners’ attention to the table.

From the 56th floor of Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort, Vetri Cucina offers a touch of intimacy in a city known for extravagance. James Beard Award winning chef Marc Vetri has impressed foodies with his approach to Italian cuisine. In his latest restaurant offering, Vetri invited diners to culinary journey through Italian delicacies.

Transforming a hotel dining space into the feel of an intimate townhouse sounds like a near impossible task. At Vetri Cucina, Chef Vetri and team turned that idea into a reality. In some ways, the restaurant invites guests into world filled with Italian heritage and a touch of simplicity.

Italian cuisine is varied and vast. While some people might be drawn to grandma’s Sunday sauce and others might be drawn seasonal ingredients, one aspect tends to unite Italian cuisine, pasta. Whether served as its own course or the focus of a meal, an Italian dining experience is often related to pasta.

At Vetri Cucina, pasta is a priority. In addition to all the pasta being made in house, the restaurant employs the Vetri Grain program. This idea seems to resonate with old world, rustic Italian approaches of using the freshest ingredients.

Daily, whole grains are milled onsite. Those freshly milled, small batched grains are used in the restaurant’s pastas and breads. After tasting a bite of these offerings, diners will appreciate the flavor from that attention to detail. Just like a seasonal ingredient, freshly milled grains highlight the flavor of every pasta dish.

Spaghetti from Vetri Cucina located in Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort, photo provided by Vetri Cucina

According to Chef Vetri, “Fresh milling flour is by far the most elevating ingredient for pasta. Fresh milled flour introduces a nutty wheat flavor into the noodle.” While this idea is a simple concept, the flavor difference can be profound.

In this case, the pasta itself adds another later of flavor to a dish. Instead of just being the textural element, the core of the dish, pasta, adds to the robust nature. It shows that pasta is not just the vehicle for sauce, it is the star of the dish.

Additionally, fresh, in house made pasta allows chef and his team to push flavors. Chef Vetri said, “you certainly have more flexibility by making your own pasta. Everything imaginable can add another layer of flavor. Whether it’s the eggs or the flour of the seasonings…everything plays an important role and it must be thought of equally.”

Looking at the restaurant’s menu, the dishes are refined but they are exciting. While Italian classics shine, diners are encouraged to explore the beauty that rustic Italian cuisine offers. From the nuttiness of the brown butter in the swiss chard gnocchi to the richness of the lamb ragu in the fazzoletti, these pasta dishes make you savor each and every bite.

With so many impeccable pasta dishes on the menu, guests might find it difficult to choose a single option. A hearty appetite would definitely be beneficial to enjoy the many tasty options.

Vetri Cucina is located at Las Vegas Palms Casino Resort on the 56th floor. Reservations can be made via the restaurant’s website or more information can be found at Palms Las Vegas website.

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Chef Vetri quotes Leonardo Da Vinci, saying “Life is a combination of magic and pasta!” A dining experience at Vetri Cucina is definitely la dolce vida.