Halloween Wars recap: Which team was tricked into missing the finale?


With one episode left in Halloween Wars Season 9, three teams dream of making the finale. Did one team’s final display just miss the mark?

Which two teams made the finale of Halloween Wars Season 9? As promised this season of the fan favorite Food Network show has gone bigger, bolder and scarier than ever. While three teams dreamed of making the finale, one team’s sweet dreams turned into a nightmare.

As Jonathan Bennett introduced the Small Scare, the teams should have guessed at the theme. Vampires were definitely on display, but these blood suckers couldn’t be tired, old versions of themselves. These vampires were getting a makeover.

While the small scare might be small in scale, these displays are big on details. Even with the time crunch, the three teams created rather impressive vampires. More importantly, each display was quite unique.

Probably the most unusual display was the Frosted Freakshow’s hipster vampire. With an almost floating vampire head (thanks to the long, well-groomed bread, this display had a very interesting take. But, the judges seemed to think that there was something missing from this display. In some ways, that creativity (and negative space) worked against the team.

Buttercream Beasts had difficulty conveying their theme through the display. While the idea of a steampunk vampire is cool, the display lacked the details to convey that style. The gears were out of sorts and the vampire didn’t really look ready to sink her teeth into anyone.

Lastly, Trio of Terror probably had the most cohesive display for the Small Scare. While not perfect, the little details really set it apart. The sugar sunglasses were a huge hit.

Winning this week’s Small Scare was Trio of Terror. It was the team’s first win all season and they were excited. Could that extra helper really give them an advantage and push them to the finale?

For the second to last Spine Chiller of the season, the teams had to imagine what happens when other iconic holiday characters go trick or treating. Could that Easter Bunny go rogue or what about a Christmas elf with a naughty side? This Halloween Wars display definitely will have you rethink the holidays.

Buttercream Beasts probably took an obvious approach. Their idea was that Santa becomes an bad clown for the night. With the help of some mischievous elves, they steal all the candy.

In many ways, their Santa was quite impressive. Just the size alone was extreme. Although their Santa used some tricks from earlier in the season. The corn silk hair had been done. While the size was scary, the Santa image was a little lackluster.

Additionally, the display was a little unfinished. The elves didn’t really have any coloring or definition. Although the faces were well sculpted, they needed more.

The linzer cookie was a big hit with the judges. The almond cookie with the bright raspberry jam seemed to give the team an edge with the tasting element.

Tater Edwards adds final details to Trio of Terror’s Spine Chiller display , as seen on Halloween Wars, Season 9. photo provided by Food Network

Trio of Terror was innovative in their display. With the theme of Jack Frost freezing all the trick or treaters, the gigantic sugar ice slide was quite impressive. It was a huge risk and should have paid off.

But, the judges criticized the storyline in the display. Although the gigantic pumpkin head looming over the children was scary, no one really knew that it was Jack Frost. That aspect made the display a miss. Additionally, the display was too static and needed more movement.

Lastly, Trio of Terror’s tasting element was controversial. While described as a creme brulee, it didn’t have the traditional sugar coating. While the thin chocolate added that texture, it was non-traditional.

Frosted Freakshow probably had the most impressive characters. The Krampus versus Easter Bunny display was hands down the winner of the evening. The pumpkin carving on the Krampus was the best of the season.

At the same token, the Easter bunny was equally impressive. The expression on the bunny really worked in the display. Overall, the display had humor, movement and really put a twist on the traditional characters.

Still, the whole display wasn’t a complete hit. Their tasting element was flawed. The lemon overpowered the gingerbread and their sugar work was lack luster.

Winning this week’s Halloween Wars Spine Chiller and earning the first spot in the finale was Buttercream Beasts. Although their display was huge, they didn’t necessarily deserve the win. Maybe their win came because the story had all the elements combined. While it wasn’t perfect, it didn’t have one gigantic fail.

Looking at the other two teams, it came down to judges’ preferences in displays. It seems that this year, going big doesn’t necessarily guarantee a win. The displays need movement, creativity and wow factor.

Earning the second spot in the finale was Frosted Freakshow. Even with the bad tasting element, the impressive Krampus and Easter Bunny earned them the finale. Hopefully next week their sugar work and tasting element are more impressive.

It was sad to see Trio of Terror be eliminated. They had some of the most large scale, unique displays this season. From this week’s sugar to the floating spider in an earlier episode, this team really pushed the boundaries.

Which team will earn the title of Halloween Wars Season 9 champion? Tune in to the finale next week to find out.

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Who do you think will win Halloween Wars this season? What Halloween display has impressed you the most?