Nespresso adds its first Puerto Rican coffee as part of Reviving Origins


Mornings just got richer. Nespresso has added Cafecito de Puerto Rico, its first Puerto Rican coffee. More importantly, this coffee gives back with every cup.

Coffee lovers have another reason to have a Nespresso. The new Cafecito de Puerto Rico is the brand’s first Puerto Rican coffee. While this coffee offers a rich, robust flavor, that cup of coffee does more than just bring delicious flavor. It gives coffee Puerto Rican coffee farmers hope.

This new, limited edition Puerto Rican coffee has an earthiness flavor. The Nespresso version is said to be “zesty and intense.” For some coffee drinkers, this coffee will be a must try because it is a rare offering.

Generally, Puerto Rican coffee is usually quite smooth with a touch of sweetness. For example, a Café Cortadito, with cream and brown sugar, is a favorite way for many people to start the day.

This coffee launch is part of the Nespresso’s Reviving Origins program. The program looks to “restore high-quality coffee production” in regions where there have been hardships. From environmental issues to political conflict, many of the world’s coffee producers. The program launched in May 2019, helping Colombia and Zimbabwe.

Puerto Rico is still recovering after Hurricanes Maria and Irma. Those two natural disasters devastated the majority of the island’s coffee trees and harvest. The Cafecito de Puerto Rico will help to revitalize the island’s coffee crops.

As part of this launch, Nespresso and the Hispanic Federation are joining forces to raise awareness and funds for the Puerto Rican coffee farmers’ issues. Moneys raised will go towards planting new trees on the island.

Coffee and the Puerto Rican culture are intertwined. Nespresso understands supporting the local farmers is good for the community and will be well supported by coffee lovers. It is a relationship that has grown over the years.

Back in October 2018, the brand joined with Hispanic Federation, global non-profit TechnoServe, and other organizations to start a three-year initiative to assist the Puerto Rican coffee industry. The companies understand that culture, coffee and a strong economic community are intertwined.

Since consumers do have many options when it comes to coffee, Nespresso uses its brand ambassador George Clooney to highlight the cultural importance of this program. With help from Lin Manuel Miranda, the pair discuss the coffee culture and the continued support that Puerto Rico needs. Even long after the storms have passed, the impact on the island is great.

Nespresso announces the launch of Cafecito de Puerto Rico, photo provided by Nespresso

Sometimes even a small gesture can and does make a difference. Even though many people have their preferred morning coffee ritual, an important cause can spur a change. In this case, branching out to try the Cafecito de Puerto Rico is good for Puerto Rico and good for the coffee drinker.

Additionally, Nespresso and its capsules do good every day. While the aluminum capsules keep the coffee fresh, those capsules are recyclable. From recycling at Nespresso Boutiques or at select UPS drop-off locations, consumers can put those capsules back to use.

As part of the Puerto Rican coffee launch, the brand is offering a limited edition recycling bag. This “Puerto Rico recycling bag represents one new coffee tree that will be planted on the island.” Each bag features a Puerto Rican artist Gerardo Cloquell’s Inspiration.

Why not start the day by doing a little good with that cup of coffee? Whether you brew a Cafecito de Puerto Rico, an espresso or something else, Nespresso is committed to doing better. Are you?

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What coffee starts your day? Can a cup of coffee really make a difference in this world?