Are Americans still drinking coffee made at home?


Where are you drinking coffee? From the pretty foam to the creative flavors, have coffee shops really taken over the coffee drinking experience?

Drinking coffee for many people is a daily ritual. Whether it is a black cup of coffee, a traditional latte or an iced coffee, coffee is the beverage that fuels almost everyone’s lives. With so much coffee in cups, are people still drinking coffee at home?

From coffee shops to fast food chains, coffee is as common a beverage choice as a soda or water. While that coffee shop might tempt coffee drinkers with pretty designs and bold flavors, there seems to be an opinion that more people drink coffee at home.

According Reddi-Wip Barista, “89% of Americans say they are still getting their caffeine fix at home.” Even with a $45B coffee shop industry, people are still making coffee at home.

There are many reasons why home coffee is preferred. From convenience to cost to customizability, those three factors seem to drive the home coffee choice.

Reddi-wip Nitro Creamer, photo provided by Conagra

The two top reasons seem rather obvious. Coffee at home is always convenient. You can brew a cup whenever you want it.

Second, cost is quite clear. Anyone who has gone to a coffee shop can stuffer stick shock. Gone are the $1 coffees and instead that latte can cost over $6 depending on the customization.

Lastly, customizability is curious. While a coffee drinker can add three sugars or almond milk or a dash of cinnamon, those individual touches might not be available when purchasing coffee outside the home.

Still, there is something that still calls people to coffee shop creative drinks. People wish that they could create those stunning foams and layered flavors. Still, they can be intimidated to try those specialty drinks.

To help lessen the intimidation, the Reddi-Wip Barista series can help turn more home coffee drinkers into their own barista. The Nitro Cream and Sweet Foam is extremely easy to use, since it is similar to the Reddi-Wip containers that people have used for decades.

Whether you like a lot of cream or just a touch, your favorite coffee beverage doesn’t require a drive to your local coffee shop and is much more cost effective.

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What is your favorite drinking coffee ritual? Do you have a secret to the perfect cup of coffee?