Free Miller Lite is just one click away, are you ready for Miller Time


Could you and your friends get free Miller Lite? The original Miller Time is back and all you have to do is just click this one button.

Free Miller Lite can get almost anyone’s attention. Putting aside all the beer wars, there is one thing that has everyone in agreement. A night out with friends is always enjoyable. Since there is fun to be had with the people around you, isn’t it time to put that phone down? Miller Lite says it time to take a break from social media.

For many years, the idea of Miller Time was as popular as the Instagram story. Whether it was Friday after work or a Sunday football game, friends gathered together to spend time together. Sure, there was an icy cold beer in their hands, but the phone was left in their pocket.

Miller Lite wants people to rediscover that friend-time sans social media. Why not skip that digital message and actually talk to a friend in person. Plus, if you choose to “unfollow” you could get yourself a free beer from that in-person get together.

To get that free Miller Lite, here’s how.

"Text a photo or screenshot to 49375 and include keyword “UNFOLLOW”Wait for Miller Lite to send a linkUpload a receipt from a Miller Lite purchaseMiller Lite will credit their PayPal account back for your first round of Miller Time (dollar value is dependent on the state you reside in)"

This video is a clear reminder that sometimes social media brings too much pressure. From appearances to even choosing the right beverage can be overwhelming. While social media was meant to connect people, it can have the opposite effect. Just maybe that “sharing” is making people more disconnected.

If a free beer promotion can get people off the phones and talking face to face, then Miller Lite has accomplished a huge feat. Maybe the idea of Miller Time isn’t lost to an old school memory. If everything retro is new again, let the idea of actually having a social hour with friends be the newest trend.

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Are you ready to reconnect in the real world? Could this Miller Lite promotion help you have a better social hour?