San Francisco 49ers will offer an all-inclusive food and beverage menu


Food and football are a winning combination. The San Francisco 49ers are giving their season ticket holders an all-inclusive food win for the 2020 season.

A San Francisco 49ers game could be even more enjoyable for its season ticket holders. While a win will always get fans in a happy mood, some tasty food offerings will make the game experience even better. For the 2020 season, a new all-inclusive food and beverage menu could be the ultimate game changer for football stadiums.

Over the years, food and football have evolved. From over the top menu items to more choices football stadiums and teams understand that the guest experience is more than just watching plays. That Sunday at the stadium is an all-inclusive experience.

Starting with the 2020 season, the San Francisco 49ers and Levi Stadium will the “first sports team to include food and beverage items as a benefit for its full Season Ticket Member base.” The offering will include “15 of the most popular food and non-alcoholic beverage items available at 49ers games.”

This special all-inclusive menu offering will be exclusive to season ticket holders and their guests. Single game ticket purchasers and secondary market purchases will be able to purchase from a la carte menu items.

According to Levy, the hospitality provider for Levi Stadium, the menu will consist of the most popular concession items. Food choices will include items like chicken tenders, pretzels, hot dogs, nachos and more. Beverages will include Pepsi products, water, Peet’s coffee and hot chocolate.

49ers adds inclusive food and beverage menu for season ticket holders, photo provided by Levy

This type of offering should add value to season ticket holders. Food and beverages are part of the game experience. As season ticket prices rise, the football fan needs to see that their additional cost has an added value.

While these menu items might not be the food trends or outrageous eats that fill people’s Instagram feeds, these food options are still good. Who doesn’t want to grab a hot dog at halftime or needs a soft drink at the beginning of the second half?

Over the years, football fans have come to understand that watching a game comes with an additional expense. Even if you tailgate prior to a game, fans want some type of snack during a game. When a season ticket holder doesn’t have to spend a significant amount of money on nachos and a drink, they might be more willing to remain part of the San Francisco 49ers season ticket holder family.

Depending on the success of all-inclusive food and beverage program, other teams and stadiums could implement similar options. While it will never completely take the place of the outrageous food trends or include alcoholic beverage choices, it could become part of the norm for season ticket holders.

More details on the 49ers Season ticket Member Inclusive Menu will be finalized in the upcoming months.

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Would an all-inclusive food and beverage benefit entice you to stay or become a San Francisco 49ers season ticket holder? Should this type of program be part of all season ticket holder programs?