Halloween Wars Season 9 winner: Scary tales need the little details


Do scary tales reap big rewards? The Halloween Wars Season 9 winner found that the tiniest of details can help earn the ultimate Food Network prize.

Two teams battled to be crowned the Halloween Wars Season 9 winner. While both teams have had ups and downs this season, only one will earn Food Network glory. Would this story be a scary tale or a happy ever after?

For the small scare, the two teams had to create an eerie scene. In some ways, it epitomized the idea of biting the hand that feeds you.

These small scares had to involve idol hands or hands that have turned against their owner. From a hand trying to drown a head to a hand feeding a person her own brains, these displays were quite creepy. The originality in the themes were good.

Unfortunately, both teams seemed to lack strong execution. The problem was relating the story to the visual. While the concept was there, the judges didn’t quite see the story.

For example, Buttercream Beast had a great idea. The concept of a hand drowning a head in the bath was smart. But, the sugar water melted the modeling chocolate. The head look like it was melting. Maybe, if the team had said the head was being held into toxic waste, the melting head would have worked better.

Also, the anatomy on the pumpkin hand was a little off. The hand looked more like a foot, which created a problem for the judges.

Frosted Freakshow had issues, too. Their story was a hand feeding a foodie her own brain. This idea is the ultimate foodie nightmare.

With Reva burning her hand with hot sugar, the sugar fork wasn’t as detailed as it needed to be. While this criticism might be harsh, there needed to be more in this display.

The biggest criticism for this image is that the colors are muddy and some of the details were overlooked. Still, the vision was clear.

Earning the final advantage and the first pick of the big pumpkin was Frosted Freakshow. The big pumpkin can make a difference in this spine chiller. In some ways, one or two factors will be the difference between winning and losing.

For the Halloween Wars finale Spine Chiller, the two teams had to reimagine a fairy tale into a scary tale. Two classic fairy tales, Goldilocks and Thumbalina were the two themes. Would the fright come through in each Halloween display?

To be the Halloween Wars Season 9 winner, the teams needed to really push the boundaries of their Halloween displays. All season, the displays have found ways to innovate, go big or just impress the judges like never before. Given that this Halloween display will earn a team $50,000, it is imperative to really deliver the scary tale.

Frosted Freakshow’s James Hall and Christine Leaming, as seen on Halloween Wars, Season 9.photo provided by Food Network

Looking at the two Halloween displays, the teams went in very different paths. Frosted Freakshow had a display that was definitely pumpkin forward. Their pumpkin carver really delivered on all the details. From Thumbalina’s flower to the amazing fish and bug, the pumpkin was the star of the display.

At the same time, the sugar work and tasting element were amazing. Even with Reva’s injury, the depth to the water really made the display pop. Also, her pumpkin butterscotch cookie with vanilla bean crème was unique. Given her being down a hand, her ability to finish the display was impressive.

But, parts of the display were a miss. The frog was sloppy and probably should have been removed. It looked out of place hanging on the wall.

The biggest criticism for Frosted Freakshow was that the display wasn’t a scarier tale. In some ways, it was a princess story gone wrong. While there was a little creepy element, the display was more sweet than it was scary.

On the other side, Buttercream Beast definitely showed the wicked side of Goldilocks. Finally, the raven hair girl took revenge on those bears. From mounting mom on the wall to putting junior on a leash, she was definitely getting her revenge.

While this team was very ambitious in their choice to capture conflict in motion, there seemed to be something missing. The visual was intense, but the judges just seemed to want more. In some ways, the little details were just slightly amiss. Like the classic story, something just wasn’t right.

The best part of their display was the chocolate chip cookie. The judges commented that it was probably one of the best cookies ever. That comment is huge praise for the team.

Although Buttercream beast avoided disaster by using the pumpkin chair to support Goldilocks, the daring qualities of the display just wasn’t enough.

The Halloween Wars Season 9 winner was Frosted Freakshow. Even though the final display was more sweet than scary, those impressive carved pumpkins earned this team the title.

One note about this Halloween Wars season. It is curious that the tasting element didn’t seem to play as big a role in the decisions.

For example, in this Halloween Wars finale, the tasting element was clearly won by Buttercream Beasts. Still, that element didn’t earn them the victory. The same scenario can be said about earlier episodes this season. Did the tasting element really matter in Season 9 or was it all about the visual?

Another season of Halloween Wars has come to an end. If you love this Food Network show, don’t miss the new Holiday Wars later this year.

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Did you agree with the judges’ choice for the Halloween Wars Season 9 winner? Which Halloween display was your favorite this season?